Friday, January 3, 2014

36 Things To Do The Year I Turn 36

Well, as you can tell I am having an incredibly fabulous (and incredibly boring) Friday night seeing as how I am doing a second blog post for the day.  I'm not sure if it is just the excitement of having my first blog or if I am just trying to get out of doing the things that I really need to be doing (like taking down my Christmas decorations).  I decided to go ahead and post my 36 Things mostly because I am turning 36 in about 5 months and need to get a move on my list but also because it will be really great to see them in writing.  Some things are actually practical and serious and will allow me to really pay it forward because it really is better to give than to receive when you don't exactly know how it will affect the person you are giving to---others, well, they are just really corny and will probably leave you saying, "really, that's one of her 36 things."  So, let's get started.

1.  Buy dinner for someone/family at a restaurant I am dining at
2.  Make my craft room an actual "craft room" instead of a catch all room for boxes and other stuff My craft room actually turned into the kids room.  Now that I am working from home, I had to make some changes to my extra rooms.  So...craft room is out, kids room is in.
3.  Have a dinner party for 5 of my friends that mean the world to me
4.  Give someone a grocery gift card while in line without them knowing (give to cashier)
5.  Sign up for another mudrun even though I always say I will never do it again
6.  Eat a friend green tomato (Crazy, right?  I'm Southern but honestly don't like tomatoes, now if you fry it, how bad can it be?)
7.  Volunteer at something that really means something to me
8.  Take a cooking class
9.  Get professional photographs done of just me---well, and maybe my dogs :)
10.  Go to an art museum
11.  Eat brussel sprouts
12.  Make plans to travel somewhere in Europe (this is also one of my resolutions but I've never traveled to anywhere in Europe and I said this is my year)Heading to Germany in July--so excited, pictures to come from this after my trip.
13.  Stand on my head
14.  Bake a souffle
15.  Learn to parallel park (I feel sorry for my driver's ed teacher, this was definitely not one of my better moments.  But because I don't live in a major metropolitan, I really don't have to know how to do this)
16.  Build a sandcastle
17.  Buy a last minute flight to somewhere for the weekend
18.  Do the zipline course at the White Water Center in Charlotte
19.  Hug a tree
20.  Milk a cow
21.  Make a pillow (with a sewing maching)
22.  Send (now 3) gifts to friends without them knowing who it is from
23.  Take a yoga class
24.  Run a 5K in 35 minutes (this may not seem like much to you runners but it would shave off 8 minutes from my best time)
25.  Go on a hike (like a real hike, not walking through the park with my poodles)
26.  Write a letter to someone you love (a real letter with real stationary and a real pen)
27.  Give blood (terrified of needles)
28.  Go to a movie alone
29.  Learn how to tie a tie
30.  Attend a wine tasting class (I LOVE wine but really would like a better understanding of aromas, tastes, etc)
31.  Make dinner for someone just because--take it to their house (don't stay to eat with them, you are doing something for them)
32.  Toss out all my granny panties I have acquired throughout the year and replace them with pretty panties
33.  Get a tattoo (I know, did you read #27)
34.  Ride a motorcycle (I don't want to drive, just be a passenger) I'm removing this and will be adding another--story to come later.
35.  Shoot a bow and arrow and actually hit a target
36.  Sky dive (this is a doozy, I'm hoping I can work up the nerve to actually do this)

Whoo, that was a lot and it also makes me realize I'm already behind.  But now that it is in black and white, I feel much more accountable to actually complete it.

Until Next Time, Much Love...