Monday, January 6, 2014

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That...

Hey Y'all-

This post is going to be a hodge podge of a bunch of different things as I'm not really ready to delve into my love life yet and I'm still working on my resolutions post.  Yes, I know New Year's was last week but hey, cut me some slack, I'm new to blogging and the creative juices are taking a little bit more time than expected to start flowing. 

I hope you all had a super fantastic weekend!  I certainly did even though it consisted of taking down all of my Christmas decorations leaving a very undecorated house with lots of bare walls.  I just moved in the beginning of November and put my Christmas stuff up almost immediately so I didn't really realize just how plain my house would be without it.  Oh well, it will all get decorated---check back with me in a year :)  Quick note, I am an Etsy fanatic and buy so many handmade things that I probably could make myself but am either too lazy or consider myself not artistic enough to even try.  The reason I tell you that is because I purchased a wooden "O Holy Night" sign for Christmas by an amazing woman on Etsy--her name is Leslie and her shop is Talkischic.  You should--no MUST go visit her shop.  Her stuff is so cute and she handpaints her signs--no vinyl, now that's talent.  She is creating a big statement piece sign for my dining room.  I will share the results once I get it.  Oh, I also snuggled lots of time with my pooches in front of the fire and caught up on a lot of reality TV (my weakness y'all, I'm so ashamed). 

I'm not sure where you live but where I do it is getting ready to get hit with some major cold weather.  I'm talking about 8 degrees--that's just nuts.  Now before you start saying, "oh, that's nothing", I live in NC remember, we are not supposed to get weather like that.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have the option to work from home so I plan on staying indoors all day tomorrow to keep away from Old Man Winter.  So, if you are in a cold bound area, stay warm and toasty! 

I haven't yet told everyone (and by everyone, I mean mostly my FB friends) that I have a blog.  Does that seem silly?  I wouldn't consider myself a super private person at all but I'm not one that does a lot of status updates and photos.  I've made an effort to do better this year because I really enjoy connecting with old friends from my past.  But I want this blog to be good and read by people so I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and step out of my comfort zone a bit---also because I'm going to need some help in getting my 36 Things accomplished--know anyone that will let me Milk A Cow? :)  Perhaps I start by letting my Instagram folks know first.   

About my 36 things, I posted my list on Friday and accomplished 2 of those tasks over the weekend.  And it felt sooooo good.  I mean really good.  And it felt even better to be able to mark those off my list, however, the two things I did, I plan to do those a lot more times this year because it feels awesome to Pay it Forward.  There are a few things on my list that I plan to tackle this week so stay tuned on what is marked off next.

I bought my new 2014 calendar/planner last week.  This brings me immense joy.  Yes, I I have an iPhone that has a calendar but I really enjoy writing things down and opening up a fresh new date book with nothing in it it as it really brings me a renewed sense of starting over.  I'm also a list lover and make lists for everything (really, I mean everything) so having a new book really helps me to keep it "pretty". 

Alright ladies, that's all I have for today.  I know, you are probably thinking well, that was a whole bunch of nothing.  Well, did you read the title of my blog? :)

Until Next Time, Much Love...



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