Friday, January 10, 2014

Confessional Friday---Whew, What a Week!

Hi Girls!

Today is Confessional Friday when I link up with Leslie over at  If you haven't already visited her blog, go do it--she is so funny and cute.  Anywhoodle, wowza, what a week!  I had planned on posting this a lot earlier in the day but good lawd, it has been super crazy at work and I just simply didn't have the time.  This is the busy time of year with what I do and although I will spare you all the boring details about why it's been busy, believe me, it's just been nuts and I feel like I am being pulled all over the place. So, let's get to it--drumroll 2nd Confessional Friday!

1.  I confess that I am currently sitting in my PJ's on a Friday night at 6pm (I know, ask me why I'm single again) typing out this blog but feeling perfectly and completely content with my life.

2.  I confess that I've been really stressed about some things with my job and just life in general over the last couple months.  On Monday as I was driving to my office, I prayed--like really hard, harder than I have done in a long time asking for God to give me peace and calm over some situations I was struggling with and just overall and y'all, this has been the best week in a long time.  God is Good! 

3.  I confess that I received some really great feedback today on something that I did earlier in the week.  I won't go into everything yet because I want to wait to see how it all comes to fruition but I'm feeling good--really good about the situation.  Just pray for me!

4.  I confess that at the vet today, I got a little miffed.  It is really silly why but I have to take one of my poodles every Friday to rehab.  She had hip surgery right before Thanksgiving.  Well, today, one of the receptionist showed me a picture that she had taken of my baby in the kennel laying on her bed.  I don't know why it bothered me because she really is sweet as pie but it is kind've like someone taking a picture of your kids (and keeping it) that you don't really know and without your permission.  I didn't say anything about it because I'm trying very hard not to let little things bother me this year but hey, that's why this is confessional Friday.

5.  I confess that I had my first weigh in last night at Zumba with my group who is doing the Biggest Loser and I lost 4.6 lbs.  I am SUPER STOKED!  I tried real hard this past week and kept to my diet and exercise program. 

6.  I confess that I received my box of new workout clothes and sat and cried on my bed when I tried a pair of the pants on.  Remember in Steel Magnolia when Clairee told Truvy that one of the ladies bottom looked like "two pigs fighting underneath a blanket", well that's how I felt.  However, I pulled up my New Balance shoe strings, wiped off my tears and worked out.  Did it make me feel better?  No, not really but at least I didn't go eat a pint of Ben & Jerry.

7.  I confess that I wore pantyhose for the first time this week in about 20 years.  I hate pantyhose but y'all it has been cold here and I couldn't have bare legs with the dress I wore. 

8.  Lastly, I confess that I was so excited about marking off some of my 36 Things on Monday but haven't even looked at my list once this week.  I hate that!  I'm going to try to get a few things marked off this weekend. 

Alright girls, that's all I have for today!  I'm hoping to do much better next week in posting more.  I'm new at this but I have reached out to someone to help design my blog page and spruce it up. 

If you would like to connect with me on Instagram, you can find me at nc30grits.  I'm also on Twitter (very new, so don't expect much) @jennmorgan35.

Until Next Time, Much Love...