Monday, January 27, 2014

I Have to Get Better at This...

Hi Girls!

OK, I have to get better at this whole blogging thing.  I have such great intentions every day of the week to write some witty but than the day gets away from me and as I'm laying in bed drifting off to Never, Never Land I remember that I didn't blog--ugh!!!  So, I'm giving myself a goal this week to blog 3 times--what about?  That I don't know yet but it will be good. 

Last week was super crazy and this week is starting off the same way but we hopefully will be getting a little bit of snow this week and it makes me happy!  Why you say?  Because if it is going to be this cold here, I want a little of the white stuff too.  And yes, I am one of those Southerners who goes "kuckoo for the white stuff" and also have to make snow cream.  If you are not Southern, chances are you don't know what this "snow cream" is and believe me all my Northern friends or folks who get snow on a regular basis think I am absolutely nuts when I talk about this but hey, "it is what it is" so if you don't already know about it, here's the recipe :)

Snow Cream Recipe

Big ol' heapin' pile of snow (they say not to eat the first snow fall but y'all, we may only get one snow fall a year, so I'm digging in)

Directions:  Just mix it all up and taste it until it is good.  It is kind've like one of those shaved ice.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program that doesn't involve the NC Winterstorm.  I signed up for a mudrun today so now I officially get to strike another thing off my "36 Things to Do before I turn 36."  Yeah me!  It is actually on the day of my birthday so I am barely getting it in there. I also hugged a tree over the weekend (#19 on my list and the pic is below).  I actually had a pretty busy weekend--went to dinner and bowling on Friday, stayed in my pj's until 3 and dinner with some friends on Saturday and to a Home and Landscape show on Sunday.  I'm also attaching another photo on here--so after dinner on Saturday night I found myself at a local pub in my hometown that I don't often frequent.  Well, "Sweet Home Alabama" is one of my favorite movies and I love when she walks in to the bar and sees her old friend and says "You have a baby.  In a bar".  Girls--that happened to me and below is the photo to prove it.  I just laughed and laughed.  Do you see it?  That's a baby carrier on the table.  This was 10 o'clock at night--good lawd!

Well girlies, I just don't have a lot to talk about tonight but again, I made a promise to myself that I would blog more this week and I'm going to do it.

Until Next Time, Much Love...