Friday, February 14, 2014

Easiest Chicken & Dumplings Ever!

Hi Girls-

I'm so excited to be linking up with Kelly over at for her SUYL (Show Us Your Life) Soup Edition.  I am a crockpot Queen.  I love crockpots and pretty much anything you can make in it.  And I love soups and stews so I thought it would be great to share one of my recipes I make at least once a month.  I grew up with Chicken and Dumplings--like the real Southern kind, completely made from scratch that my momma made.  Well, let's get real now--I don't do much from scratch now simply because I don't have the time but I found this recipe several years ago and it comes real close to my momma's and is much easier to make.  So here goes...I'm a single gal so when I make crockpot meals, I can eat on it for a few days. Because this recipe is so easy, double or triple depending on the size of your family.

Chicken & Dumplings--The Easy Way

2 chicken breasts (I only use two because I like dumplings more but feel free to add more)
1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1 (48 oz) box of chicken stock
1 carton of Anne's Dumplings (found in the freezer section)
4 tablespoons of butter

Put all the ingredients except the dumplings in the crockpot for 7 hours on low.  At the 7th hour, take the chicken out and shred it.  You can do this for 8 hours too if you work and aren't home to take it out.  Put chicken back in and add the dumplings in intervals.  They are in long sheets of three and I just break them up and add 6 sheets at a time, stirring in between and waiting about 10 minutes before I add the next batch.  This keeps the dumplings from sticking together and also helps them all cook thoroughly so they aren't doughy.  Let everything cook for an additional hour and y'all that's it--it's that simple.  I love these--especially on a cold snowy day like I'm having today.

Even though the cream of chicken shown is the Fat Free version, I actually used Regular.  All that is missing from this picture is the chicken (I had already cooked it).
In the crockpot, with the crockpot liner (best invention ever and makes cleanup a snap).

In my bowl--perfect consistency every time. 
Enjoy y'all!