Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Daddy...

Hi Girls!

This is going to be one of my more serious and emotional posts I write.  One of the reasons I decided to do this blog to be able to write about some of the feelings that I don't often express.  I  thought about this particular post even before I wrote my first one a month ago.  This is one of the things that is part of my life, my past, but I don't often talk about it--especially with strangers. But I feel it's time to start letting go of some of those things and what better way to do it than through my blog. 

Today is my Daddy's birthday--what would have been his 73rd birthday.  I lost my father many years ago this month.  Just like many girls I know will profess, I think I had the best father in the whole wide world.  I was the baby of the family and my daddy treated me that way.  I got away with way more things than my sister did and was able to pull the pouty face and sad eyes to get just about anything that I wanted.  My daddy was a simple man--he loved my momma and her cooking, loved God, loved both of his girls to extents that I still can't put to words, loved his brothers and sisters and loved real estate.  He was a greatly respected man in our community and I love when people recognize me or my name or ask where I came from and I tell them who my daddy was and they immediately have a story about something he did for them and said to them that stuck with them throughout all these years.  I miss him everyday. 

But today, I am celebrating him because I know he is having a super party up in Heaven.  I wish I could hug your neck and give you a big kiss today.  I love you Daddy!  So...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday to you!