Friday, March 21, 2014

Confessional Friday

Howdy Girls-

I hope y'all have had a super fantastic week!  Mine has been a full gamete of ups and downs.  I have several friends in the need of prayer who lost loved ones this week.  I have a friend who is very sick with a viral infection but the doctors can't tell her what it is.  I also need prayers for my continued search for a new job.  But it's Confessional Friday with the lovely Leslie over at so let's get right to it.

1.  I confess that I am the accountability partner for one of my best girlfriends in helping her get her sexy back.  In doing so, she is also now my accountability partner.  Y'all, swimsuit season is just around the corner and I am way---like Grand Canyon far away from being where I want to be. 
2.  I confess that I am so excited that the first day of Spring was yesterday even though we are calling for another round of wintry weather next week.
3.  I confess that I really do have the best girlfriends ever--like the bestest of the best!  I am so very thankful for all of them.
4.  I confess that I ordered Gain laundry detergent from Amazon this week.  I bought a Prime membership before I lost my job so I'm trying to make use of it and what better item to buy than anything that smells like one of my most favorite scents in the world.
5.  I confess that my girls (my poodles) had their teeth cleaned yesterday.  And this momma goes into major stress mode when I don't have them nearby.  However, I am even more thankful that my little Simone won't have breath that smells like she's been licking a goat's butt. 
6.  I confess that my post yesterday has been one of my most favorite thus far and I can't wait to volunteer for it next year.
7.  I confess that I have marked off yet one more item from my "36 Things Before I Turn 36" list but have so much more to go.  Reality is that I probably won't get all of them done before my birthday on May 10th but that I will do my best.

Alright girls, I hope you all have the bestest weekend ever! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hi Girls-

Hope you are all having a super fantastic week!  I decided that instead of doing a list again for my "Thankful Thursday", I would talk about a specific event that I attended over the weekend that touched my heart in more ways than I could ever imagine.  My church and several of my friends have been involved in the Joyful Hearts ministry.  It is run by an incredibly giving woman whose heart and soul goes into helping the mentally disabled and physically handicapped.  This woman is Ah-Mazing!!! Well, this weekend was the 4th annual Joy Prom.  It is a prom held for teens and adults with challenges and I can honestly say it was one of the coolest things that I have ever been involved with in my entire life.  This year's event was attended by over 900 incredible human beings--that doesn't include the 100's of volunteers that were involved.  Everything is donated--food, decorations, gift bags, music, the place it was held, jewelry, limos, make up, flowers, boutineers and photo services---when I say everything, I mean everything and it was unreal!  My church group had the honor of working the red carpet which by far has to be the best job there was at this event.  I had the privilege of standing for about 4 hours cheering on, giving high fives, blowing bubbles, clapping for, shedding a few tears for every single attendee at this event---it was fabulous!  The joy that is in all of these folks hearts y'all is unbelievable.  It touched me far beyond I could ever have imagined.  After al the attendees had walked the red carpet, they went inside the venue and were treated to a fiesta dinner, dessert and then that's when the fun began--a night full of dancing.  Let me tell you, I was exhausted and worn out by 8:30 but these gals and gents were going strong and I can be honest in saying that most of them had way more rhythm than this white girl.  I simply can't wait to become way more involved with the event next year.

The Red Carpet
My awesome friend Tami

My Dear friend Deven

Another friend David

One of the limos in line

One of "my" sweet kids Klay who is growing up to be such an awesome young man

The limo line--every attendee rode in a limo around the parking lot.  The looks on their faces was prices.

Inside the venue--this is the dance floor where the attendees and volunteers all got down with their bad self (spoken from the heart of a girl with absolutely no rhythm).

I adore this picture of me and one of the caregivers--this is the 80 year old grandmother of one of the attendees.  She was on the dance floor with her granddaughter when I walked up and asked if they were having a good time.  She said she was blown away by the magnitude of the event.  I asked if she was getting her groove on to which she told me that she hadn't had "any groove in 40 years" and that she was 80 years old.  I told her she was 80 years young and we then proceeded to do "The Wobble".  My heart was so full!

This pretty much sums up my feelings for the whole night---this is what it was all about!

Just getting down!

This was a sharply dressed couple who had dance moves that were fantastic!

This photo is of Arthur--one of the many gentlemen who gave me the honor of dancing with them.  Arthur was a very simple, quiet soul but I'll tell you what y'all, when Notorious BIG came on over the DJ booth, this guy broke out of his shell.  Thank you Biggie ;)

Y'all--I can't tell you how full my heart was in volunteering at this event!  It also fulfilled one of my "36 Things" list that I am terribly far behind on.  I simply can't wait until next year!  Come back tomorrow for "Confessional Friday" linked up with the Lovely Leslie.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Confessional Friday

Hi Girls-

Let me first say, it is so nice to be back linking up with the lovely Leslie at  I've been a bit absent over the last few weeks--honestly, not for anything particular but as I described in my last post I've been in a bit of a blunk (a blog funk).  But I'm back and I have so many great topics to write about because again, I'm going back to this being about me and getting out things that I want to write about.  So let's get to it.  My Confessional Friday...

1.  I confess that I am trying to cut back on my sweet tea and went cold turkey this week.  I'm dying!!
2.  I confess that I painted my girls (dogs) room last night and am loving the results (pictures below).
3.  I confess that I totally overlooked St. Patrick's decorations and went straight to Spring d├ęcor and am so obsessed with walking through my dining room right now (pictures below).
4.  I confess that I went to Ikea on Saturday and was completely overwhelmed by the millions of people that were there shopping (that and the fact that I had a shopping cart that I had to keep over correcting thus giving me an awesome arm workout).
5.  I confess that I had cereal for dinner twice this week.
6.  I confess that I have added burlap to my list of favorite colors (ok, I know, not really a color but just go with it, ok?)
7.  I confess that I started watching Southern Charm on Bravo.  Yes, this reality TV queen has found time for yet another reality show and it's not Real Housewives of wherever.  Back to Southern Charm, it is based in Charleston which is a close second to my favorite Southern city of Savannah.  It is mostly about privileged adults living it up, manipulating women and drinking a lot of bourbon (or a lot of anything for that matter) but I tell you what, a Southern accent just does it for me.  I also fell prey to Online Dating Rituals of the American Male and honestly, it makes me not ever want to get back on dating websites.  BTW, Bravo is the devil!  I waste so much time on their channel!
8.  I confess that I'm learning a new level of patience in this job hunt.  I am hoping to hear back from two companies that I was expecting to hear from first of the week.  Please pray that if these are the right situations for me that it works out and if not, that God opens up that alternate door for me.
9.  I confess that I had a meeting with my consultant at the outplacement service I am using to review my Birkman test that I took with them.  It is kind've like a personality test and I can't wait to share the results with you--wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at how accurate the results were.  Make sure you come back to read my post on that.
10.  I confess that I was sucked into the Bachelor this season because of the hot Latino, otherwise known as Juan.  However, I think he is one mucho el dirtobag (did y'all get that--one big dirtbag, ha!)  Outside of the personal shaming, tongue swapping, baby talk, condescending nature, the only redeeming quality that this el douchebag seems to have is that he appears to be a good father.  If you want to read the most hilarious recap of the season, scoot on over to Sheaffer at  Honestly, I kept following the show just so I could read her recaps every week. This girl is spot on!
11.  Lastly, I confess that I am working on a post that a friend of mine suggested of writing a letter to my younger self.  It's a lot more intense than I thought it would be but boy oh boy, what I wouldn't give to know then what I know now. 


Burlap eggs, don't mind if I do!

This is my dog room (it's the closet under the stairs).  I love it! 

Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hi Girls-

If you've been following my blog and wondered if I have fallen off the face of the Earth, I haven't...just been in sort've a blunk (a blog funk).  I have all these wonderful ideas but haven't felt very creative even though I have so much to say.  I thought I would try something new for myself to get back in the writing mood so I've declared Thursday to be my "Let's Give Thanks" day.  We get so caught up in our day to day that sometimes we don't think about the simplest things.  I saw a quote on Instagram this week that said something to the liking of "There are many people who are thankful with way less than what you have."  Wow, how true is that!  So, to get me back in the Blog mood, here we go...

1.  I'm thankful for my friends and family who have been so supportive of me during this transitional period I am in while looking for a new job.
2.  I'm thankful for my health (even though I'm not working out nearly as much as I should be and eating the right foods).
3.  I'm thankful for my awesome relationship with my girl Sakena.  What a friendship we have and one that I don't know what I would do without her.  She brightens my mood with her crazy one liners like no other.
4.  I'm thankful for Bailey's mudslide coffee creamer--it's the little things and wowza, it is like a hot milkshake in the morning.
5.  I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we are having in NC this week (even though it was in the 70's Monday-Wednesday and today it is 50).  What?
6.  I'm thankful for a God that loves me even when I don't show it to him.
7.  I'm thankful for the smell of Gain detergent--I just love it...I know, crazy, right?
8.  I'm thankful for my numerous conversations I have with my sister daily--usually we are not talking about anything in particular but I would be lost without talking to her.
9.  I'm thankful for spell check.
10. I'm thankful for the colors aqua and orange--my two favorite Spring colors.

Alright girlies, come back tomorrow for Confessional Friday link up with the lovely Leslie.  I'm so thankful to be back.