Friday, March 21, 2014

Confessional Friday

Howdy Girls-

I hope y'all have had a super fantastic week!  Mine has been a full gamete of ups and downs.  I have several friends in the need of prayer who lost loved ones this week.  I have a friend who is very sick with a viral infection but the doctors can't tell her what it is.  I also need prayers for my continued search for a new job.  But it's Confessional Friday with the lovely Leslie over at so let's get right to it.

1.  I confess that I am the accountability partner for one of my best girlfriends in helping her get her sexy back.  In doing so, she is also now my accountability partner.  Y'all, swimsuit season is just around the corner and I am way---like Grand Canyon far away from being where I want to be. 
2.  I confess that I am so excited that the first day of Spring was yesterday even though we are calling for another round of wintry weather next week.
3.  I confess that I really do have the best girlfriends ever--like the bestest of the best!  I am so very thankful for all of them.
4.  I confess that I ordered Gain laundry detergent from Amazon this week.  I bought a Prime membership before I lost my job so I'm trying to make use of it and what better item to buy than anything that smells like one of my most favorite scents in the world.
5.  I confess that my girls (my poodles) had their teeth cleaned yesterday.  And this momma goes into major stress mode when I don't have them nearby.  However, I am even more thankful that my little Simone won't have breath that smells like she's been licking a goat's butt. 
6.  I confess that my post yesterday has been one of my most favorite thus far and I can't wait to volunteer for it next year.
7.  I confess that I have marked off yet one more item from my "36 Things Before I Turn 36" list but have so much more to go.  Reality is that I probably won't get all of them done before my birthday on May 10th but that I will do my best.

Alright girls, I hope you all have the bestest weekend ever! 


Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

Want to be my accountability partner too? I'm so far from my pre pregnancy weight its unreal!