Tuesday, June 10, 2014

OMG, My How Time Flies

Hi Girls-

Wow, has it really been 2.5 months since I took to writing here?  Honestly, I'm kind've embarrassed that I haven't been on here and I really have absolutely not one single, solitary excuse as to why I haven't been writing.  I've had the time, I've had the ideas but I just haven't felt very blog worthy.  And I really like it here--I like sharing stories and ideas and saying things that I wouldn't say out loud to most people but I just haven't had the gumption to actually put pen to paper or in this case, finger to screen :)  I haven't even been reading my favorite blogs that I used to follow religiously.  I think I just "blogged out" for a time being.  But, hey, I'm back so let's get all that out of the way so I can be excited about writing again. 

So---a lot has changed in the 2.5 months I went MIA.  Last I wrote, I was still looking for a job and starting a weight loss challenge with my super awesome accountability partner.  Well, praise the Lord, after countless and I do mean countless interviews (to which I now call myself an interview expert) I landed a great job and I started last week.  As a matter of fact, I had two offers come in at almost the same time and I was able to actually make a decision to what I felt would work best for me.  I prayed, wrote out the pros and cons, prayed some more and I really feel at peace that I made the right decision.  I am now the National Account Manager at Unger Global--they are a professional cleaning products company and I am super stoked about it because I love cleaning.  Strange, I know but I'm one of those people who when I'm stressed, I clean---you can only imagine how clean my house was during my 4 months of looking for a job.  But keep praying for me as I go on this new journey!  OK, the weight loss challenge---let me first start out by saying that losing weight is tough (insert rolling eyes because everyone knows that) and it's so easy to fall off the wagon but I have to give a mad shout out to my accountability partner who has "kicked fat in the butt" by losing over 30 pounds.  Me, eh, not so great.  I'm about 10 pounds down.  No excuses but I'm a stress eater and not having a job didn't exactly work in my favor but the point is that I am back on track, joined the Y and am really trying to stay on track.  Of course, I'll fall down but hopefully it won't take me a week to get back up.  Also, I gave up drinking for the month of June--don't get me wrong, I am no lush but I'm a lover of wine and this is harder than I thought it would be. 

Other great news is that I'm traveling to Germany with my job (insert super excited, still can't believe it face) which is also crazy cool because I get to cross off one of my 36 things to do list.  As a matter of fact, I need to go back over my list because I think I may have crossed off one of two more since March as well. 

Alright girlies, I don't want to make this a novel on my first day back and I hope that if you were reading before you will come back and read again but I promise to be back.  Not only is this therapeutic, it really is fun!