Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year (A Day Late)!

Hi Girls-

Wowza, Happy 2015!  Can you even believe that 2014 is over?  It just seemed to fly by--then again, I think I say that every single year.  So, I went back and read over my posts last year--I laughed, I cried, I felt proud of the things I shared and I felt guilty for the breaks that I took in between my posts.  Today's post is going to be short as I prepare for all the great things that I want to share with y'all.  I want to finish up my Germany/Holland review from last Summer (yes, that's right--I'm that far behind), I want to actually publish the 8 posts that I put together that I never posted and I want to share some more of my deep dark secrets (nah, just kidding but some might be juicy) that are part of the daily world of Jenny.

Anywhoodle, let's get down to it!  What do you do as your first official post of the New Year?  Well, talk about what your resolutions are.  I'm not calling mine resolutions this year---because honestly, I never complete mine.  So, this year, I am calling them goals!  And I think that they are all pretty achievable.  Here goes---drumroll please....

Jenny's 2015 Goals to Happiness:

  • Get healthy.  I'm not going to stick a number on it but I am going to use a cute little green Summer dress as a motivation that I wore 3 years ago.
  • Say No without Reason.
  • Give more to others.
  • Budget better and cut out unnecessary spending.
  • Blog consistently.
  • Daily devotion & prayer time with God.
  • Finish my 36 Things list by May 10th.  See the list here.
  • And I stole this from a gal I follow on IG
    • Have HOPE
    • TRY New Things
    • BE Active
    • SEE the Good side of things
    • SAY "I Love You" more
    • CHALLENGE yourself
    • CHOOSE to be Happy
    • EAT better
    • ENJOY every moment
    • LAUGH often
    • FORGIVE more readily
    • BE Humble
    • PRAY always
    • TRUST in the Lord
    • READ the Bible often
    • BECOME your Best you
Alright gals, that's all I have.  I do hope you come back and read what else I have on my mind :)