Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's Talk About Me, Let's Talk About I....

Hi Girls-

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderfully fantastic weekend and were ready to face the new week!  I was not officially off during the holidays but I work from home, so it's much easier for me to take a breather during the work day.  I know for some of you though that had two weeks off, the "back to work" transition may have been a little more difficult yesterday.  So, if it was I hope that today was a much better day. 

I welcomed my Monday with learning that I have a broken sewer pipe that will be dug up and replaced this Friday---can you say UGH!!!  Happy New Year, right?  Well, I'm trying not to complain because I know it could have been 10 times worse.

I figured since some of you who may have happened by my page and are new, I would do a fun Q&A post today so you can know about the crazy person behind this blog.  I kind've did something like this last year and I may repeat myself on a few things but I hope you have fun getting to know me a little better.

  1. Name:  Jennifer.  I go by Jenny to most in my personal life but it takes time for a new person in my circle to be granted access to this nickname.  At work, most folks call me Jenn but when I am introducing myself to my customers I always say Jennifer but somehow it gets shortened anyway.
  2. What do I do for a living?  I am a National Account Manager for a professional cleaning product company and I absolutely love what I do and who I work for. I travel quite a bit but have been in sales my entire professional career so I don't know it any other way.
  3. Age:  36.  Birthday is in May and being in my late 30's has actually been really rough y'all.  I know, I know--it's not old but seeing the crest of 40 in my near future causes me quite a bit of anxiety.
  4. Relationship status:  Single...very, very single!  I'm completely open to changing this status and have tried online dating and been set up on more blind dates I can actually count.  I know God has a plan for this area of my life but I wish he would just reveal what that is sooner than later :)  There will be lots more of "Being Single in Your 30's" to be covered very shortly here!
  5. Family:  I lost my parents nearly 19 years ago and have a super awesome older sister who is married to a fantastic man.  I consider my circle of friends to be my family and fully believe that blood doesn't constitute what makes "family" family. 
  6. Do you have children?  None that are my own.  I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of friends who loan me their kids whenever I want.  As for having them myself, honestly, I'm not real sure.  If you had asked me 10-15 years ago, I would have said without a doubt, yes.  However, now that I am getting older, I'm just not sure that it is part of God's plan anymore BUT you never know...I may meet the man of my dreams tomorrow (fingers crossed) and this may also fly out the window.
  7. Where do you live?  I live in a little town called Harrisburg in the great state of NC.  I love this place!  I grew up here and after living a short stint in Maryland followed by some longer stints in a neighboring town of Harrisburg, I finally moved back last November.  I really can't imagine being anywhere else. 
  8. Is there an area in your life where you feel out of control?  Yes, food!  I have a love/hate relationship with food.  I'm not the kind of gal whose been blessed with high metabolism and have struggled with my weight my entire life.  I don't ever remember not being on a diet--EVER!  I grew up in the South where everything is better fried and with butter and eating is a comfort for me.  Well, this year--like many others, my goal for 2015 is to be healthy.  More to come on that later as well.
  9. Is there an area in your life where you feel especially in control?  Yes, relationships.  I'm a pretty guarded person and don't let people in my inner circle unless they've been around for a while.  This has caused problems in romantic relationships and probably a reason why I'm still single.  I want to be in control of everything and I'm not good at spontaneity at all.  I like things to be a certain way and I think because I've been single so long, it's only made it worse.  I don't like talking about feelings, I don't like people to know too much because I feel it makes me vulnerable and I like having my personal space.  What does that add up to?  Well, in my eyes, it only equates to an old spinster.
  10. Do you like to be in the spotlight?  Yes and No.  Yes in my professional life, No in my personal life. 
  11. What type of TV do you want?  I am a reality show junkie.  Currently, I will be glued in every Monday night to the Bachelor.  Prince Farming Chris Soules (like for real girls, a corn farmer from Iowa if you aren't familiar) will be gracing my television from 8-10 so don't expect much from me during that time.  Other than that and my old stand-by reality loves like Real Housewives of anything, Little Women, 19 Kids & Counting and one of my new faves Big Women: Big Love I am a fan of Scandal, Two Broke Girls and reruns of Friends and The King of Queens.
  12. Favorite Movie:  Gone with the Wind, Steel Magnolias, Forrest Gump, Officer and a Gentleman...gosh, this list could go on and on and on.
  13. If I suddenly had an extra room in my house, what would it be?  A craft room--although I am not very crafty, I would love to channel my inner Martha Stewart because I know she's in there and create some neat things that I normally spend mucho bucks on. 
  14. How do I drink my coffee?  Cream--lots and lots of cream.  I'm actually in detox with my cream obsession because it doesn't go along with my current healthy stage.  Looking for a better way that will make my transition slightly easier.
Alright gals, that's all I have today.  I hope you enjoyed getting a better glimpse into my life.  Can't wait to share with you what I have next.


Kimm said...

So glad I found your blog!!! I am in Charlotte nc...not too far from you!

Jenny Morgan said...

Hi Kimm! Thanks so much for reading! I apologize for the long delay in responding but I hope you come back again. Also glad we connected on Instagram--it's great to have another NC'er so close by. I just started reading your blog and you have some great topics :)

Blogger said...

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