Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hi Girls!

Happy Wednesday!  Boy, can I tell y'all how happy I was to not have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and get on a flight in the chilly NC weather to go to even chillier weather in IL & IN.  Yeah, I was pretty psyched that my flight got cancelled.  Unfortunately, I already rescheduled my trip for end of February--can't I go when it gets warmer (insert sigh here).  So, with all the hype and talk (like on every single radio channel and news station) going on about "Deflategate" and the alleged deflation of footballs during the AFC Championship game---I decided to give you my own version of the big thing going on in my household, otherwise known as "Simone-Gate".  Before you read any further, if you are not a pet parent or like animals in the slightest bit, I encourage you to skip this post or just scroll down and read some of my other posts that are non-animal related.  Don't say I didn't warn you :)

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a gabillion pictures of my poodles Simone & Serena and my torti kitty Savannah (and if you don't and want to, my user name is nc30grits).  Anyway, my poodles will be turning 13 this year and just like any fur-parent knows, senior dogs have issues.  I've been very fortunate that my fur-babies have been healthy for the most part.  My Savannah, who is 15, has hypothyroidism and takes medication twice a day.  Poodles, have one of the longest life expectancies for dogs, and I do everything in my power to make sure I get as much time with my girls as possible.  Which leads me to the title of this post "Simone-Gate"...

I left to go out of town on Thursday of last week.  Prior to that, I had taken Simone to the vet twice for a limp that she appeared to have on her front paw.  Of course when I get there, she acts as if nothing is wrong and jumps and plays causing the Dr. to look at me like I'm from Crazy-Town.  Seriously, I told my sister that I was pretty sure the Dr. had written in Simone's notes that I was a puppy mom that suffered from Munchausen By Proxy syndrome because this has happened on more than one occasion.  Anyway, the Dr. told me that if she continued to limp or cry when she jumped or played that I needed to bring her back in for X-Rays.  My girl has been though a lot--she's little...5.3 lbs and in November 2013, she had a hip replacement.  We've spent a lot of time in the last year or so at the Vet--too much time and my wallet was breathing a sigh of relief when we hadn't been there in a few months.  Well, I get a call from my sister on Friday saying that Simone wasn't even putting weight down on her front leg---great, I'm not home and my girl is hurt.  So...after a few hours and texting back and forth, this is the picture my sister sent me.

I about passed out when I see this.  The Dr. had "chicken-winged" wrapped her leg so she only has one in the front for the time being.  It's a little distressing in person because it looks like she only has a nub where her leg is the way the bandage is.  Diagnosis is that her shoulder is popping in and out of place and although this is common for senior dogs, the way Simone's is doing it is apparently uncommon (of course it is) so the Dr. wanted to consult with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  For real?  I'm likely to have a bionic dog after all is said and done but she's my baby and I'll do anything to make her healthy.  She's starting to adjust a little better with her balance on only 3 days because as my sister said initially it was like she was "drunk and falling in slow motion".  Poor thing!

So, with all that being said, I'm going to leave you with some of our pictures over the last couple of days.  She really knows how to get attention from me and honestly, I've spent the past 3 days holding her almost constantly.

Both my girls snuggling on Saturday night when I got home.

Simone kind've giving me the stank eye because I was taking too many photos.

Our most common snuggle position--I can only do this for about an hour because her puppy breath literally makes me start to sweat after so long.

Simone snuggled up in my infinity scarf turned puppy papoose!  This was much more convenient while I worked because I could still use both hands.

One seriously rotten puppy! 

Alright gals, have a great Wednesday!  Come back tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!