Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Gingerbread Man

Hi Girls-

OK, I'm going to get this out of the way right off the bat---I'm doing a crappy job blogging so far this year.  I'm trying not to be too hard on myself but my motivation is not here...maybe I need to get on some sort of plan or link-ups with other fellow blogees so I don't have to put too much thought on what topics I'm going to write about from day to day.  Any suggestions from you veteran bloggers that might have stumbled upon this crazy post?  Well, enough of living in the past...I'm moving on and hoping to enlighten you with my witty rhetoric interpretation of why I'm single.  Sounds riveting, right?  Well, it's my blog and it's the beginning of the year and that's what I want to share. 

Anywhoodle, let's get to it...I met one of my favorite gal pals and had lunch at my most favorite French Bakery today.  While I was waiting on my drink to be made, I noticed this sign.  I'll give you a second to read it and smile, especially if you are a single gal like myself.


OK, so, did you laugh?  Like laugh out loud?  I did as I pointed it out to my girlfriend and thought to myself, wowza, this is going to make a perfect blog post.  That and the fact that I picked up a dozen gingerbread men to take home.  Just kidding, but seriously, if they had had them, I would have definitely bought a few because, well, you never know, right? 

I've written quite a bit about my life as a single gal.  I've also written quite a bit about my quest to not be a single gal.  In today's world, I just don't feel it to be possible to meet someone organically anymore.  It's the day of technology and online dating is probably the top way that people are meeting one another nowadays.  I mean think about it--I'm sure you have friends that have met their significant other online.  I know plenty--too many to count.  I've done most of the more publicized sites: eHarmony, match.com & Christian Mingle---and most recently have thought about doing FarmersOnly.com in light of the new Bachelor being a farmer from Iowa although I feel strongly that most men on the site will not meet the fantasy man I have in my head featuring the chiseled look of a greek God wearing overalls and driving a John Deere tractor.  Having said all that, I definitely have not had the best of luck in the love and dating department.  If  you haven't read about some of my adventures, you'll get a kick out of reading my fave post about online dating here. 

I used to attribute my bad success rate in love to the men that I was meeting and the fact that they just sucked and although I feel that some of this might be true, I have really started to take a closer look at myself.  Let me tell you gals, that is not an easy task to do.  To really examine yourself in the way that you think others see you.  I even did a Pros/Cons list on myself--little scary as I know we are all a lot more critical about ourselves than others would be but it was just an exercise I thought would be good for me to do.  I feel as if I'm a great catch--being humble is on my pro side :)  No but really, I do think I am!  I have a great job, think I'm cute, own my home, I truly believe I am one of the funniest people I know, have a fantastic network of friends and family that would give me a kidney if I needed it, have great hair, an infectious smile and a laugh that is contagious. Now that I've posted a few of my Pros, I'll share something that I put in both my Pros and Cons side:  my need for control.  I fortunately (or unfortunately) thrive on being in control in all facets of my life:  work, love, home, family, friends, even food (I'll save this one for another post).  While I don't believe that being in control should be considered either a good or bad thing---unfortunately, when it comes to my love life, it isn't always received all too well.  I feel the need to be in control in a relationship--something that I've always done.  I like for things to be done in a certain way.  I believe that chivalry isn't dead and that doors should always be opened, that men should always walk on the outside of a woman and that manners shouldn't fall by the wayside when you become comfortable with one another.  I think that men should ask you out properly and that text messaging isn't the new way to communicate (this one really bugs me).  I think that plans should be made in advance and that nothing should be assumed.  I don't think I have to talk to you every minute of every day for you to know that I care about you--we're both busy and isn't there a saying that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."  OK, you see where I'm going with this--I've got a control freak problem!  I say that in the nicest way possible.  But this is also something that I have decided I need to work on and to loosen the control reigns.  It won't be easy but that is my plan.  Does it mean that because of this that I'll find someone.  Doubtful--because I don't think this is the reason that I'm single but I do think that it will help me be more successful once I do meet the man of my dreams.  So next steps in my dating dilemma you ask?  Well, I've decided to postpone getting back on dating sites for the time being.  It's been about 4 months since I was last online and I just think I'm still in detox mode.  That and I'm still praying that God has a plan and he just hasn't decided the time was right yet :)

Whoo, that was a lot!  Alright girls, I'm off to eat some gingerbread men!