Friday, January 16, 2015

These are my Confessions...

Hi Girls-

Happy Friday!  It's been way more than a skinny minute since I've linked up with the lovely Leslie over at Blonde Ambition so I'm super excited to join back in on the fun.  If you haven't visited her blog before, you are missing out and must get caught up--she's a hilarious and fun Southern gal who just had a beautiful baby girl to add to her already beautiful family.  I am so glad I stumbled upon her blog a couple of years ago.

You gals have any super fun plans for the weekend?  Me, not so much other than getting caught up on a mountain of laundry and cleaning out my closet that looks like a hurricane has blown through it.  How does that even happen?

Well, let's get right to it.  Drum roll please---these are my confessions.

  1. I confess that I was kind've excited that Leeza Gibbons liked one of my photos on Instagram yesterday.  Then I was perplexed as to how she stumbled upon my page with the hashtags I used because it was a kitchen themed photo.
  2. I confess that I didn't get my 4 days of cardio in this week which means I will have to workout tomorrow and Sunday--both of which I am not at all excited about, like even in the very least.
  3. I confess that for the first time since I started with my company last July that I am feeling overwhelmed.  There are new goals and new accounts that I need to land for the company and it is causing me a wee bit of anxiety.  Tally ho--onward & upward, I know I got this!  But the pressure, oh the pressure!
  4. I confess that I have listened to Hillsong's "Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)" no less than 18,000 times this week.  I even have it on repeat and it's a long song too: 9 minutes and 26 seconds.
  5. I confess that I was complaining this week about turning 37 in May and not wanting to celebrate it because I was feeling melancholy about getting older. A girlfriend of mine swiftly called me out this and told me I should be grateful that I even have the opportunity to turn 37.  Reality check! And thank you to friends that are honest enough to not be worried about hurting my feelings when I am spewing BS.
  6. I confess that I had a mini breakdown on Sunday about missing my dad.  It doesn't happen very often but we are coming up on his birthday in a couple of weeks and also the 19th anniversary of his death so I was just having a moment. 
  7. I confess that I just got in my new Food Network magazine and while I love to read it, I know I'm never going to make anything in it so I just need to cancel the subscription.
  8. I confess that I need to learn to play golf.  I am in sales and there are a lot of events held within the companies that I have customers with that are on the golf course.  I've taken lessons before and I even have my own clubs but golf is a very patient sport and I am a very impatient girl.  Plus I find it super boring.  Think I can just drive the beer cart around and it will have the same effect?  I just need to suck it up and do it! 
  9. I confess that I am a little stressed about my 36 things to do list.  I've really been slack on it but I have less than 4 months to complete 22 things.  OMG, 22! Failure is not an option here--I have to get them done. If you need a refresher of this list, check it out here..
  10. I confess that I don't really have anything left to confess but I didn't want to end on an odd number :)
Alright ladies-what are your confessions?