Friday, February 6, 2015

Confessional Friday

HI Girls!

Whoo hoo!  We made it to Friday!  I don't know about y'all but it has been a crazy, chaotic week---one where I spent most of my time copying items from my To Do list to the next day over and over and over again.  But now it's time for one of my most favorite posts of the week---spilling my guts for a little Confessional Friday action with the lovely Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition. 

  1. I confess that I watched the Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon lip sync video 16 times this week (like for reals--I counted) and nearly peed myself laughing each time.  If you haven't seen it, you must check it out here.
  2. I confess I took control of my finances this week and made a budget---I hate budgets but in light of my recent unplanned sewage front yard dig up dilemma and multiple vet visits for my senior pooch, it's necessary.  So...this means no more impromptu Target visits in the near future (which is like Disneyland to me).
  3. I confess I am secretly (well, I guess not anymore because I'm telling y'all) coveting Britt's hair on The Bachelor.  Have you seen this girl's mane?  Wowza, I am super jelly and although her personal hygiene has come into question on this week's episode, I still <3 her! 
  4. Speaking of The Bachelor, I confess that I am beyond excited for next Monday's episode to see the ...To Be Continued episode where #cuckooforcocoapuffs Kelsey has what I'm calling a "make believe" panic attack.  Isn't that horrible that I am looking forward to watching this girl breakdown and unravel in front of all of America?  Actually what I'm really looking forward to is when Prince Farming sends the girl packing and we see Kelsey give her exit interview which I'm sure will be all shades of Whack-A-Doodle. 
  5. I confess that although I didn't eat an entire bag of Oreo's like I did last week, I did eat two Oreo's.  Unfortunately, those two Oreo's were nestled between a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie and baked until golden brown.  Girls, it's enough to make you wanna smack your momma!  Like for reals!  I don't even feel guilty.
  6. I confess that I have eaten Nutella on toast with strawberries everyday this week but I know I use WAY MORE than the serving size suggested.  Y'all, a tablespoon per piece of  toast is barely enough to cover it.   But also it doesn't bode well for upcoming swimsuit season which begins in 135 days.  Oh Mylanta!  Yep, that was my flash back to DJ Tanner! I really don't want to resort to 1920's swimsuit fashion to cover up my winter hibernation body.  Although I do think it's pretty cute!
  7. I confess that I am super stoked that my beautiful gal pal Cathy is going to photograph me next month.  Not only does this fulfill another item on my 36 Things List but I believe every girl deserves the opportunity to feel pretty and let me tell y'all that from every photo I've seen Cathy do, there is no way that I won't leave feeling like I am----she is an AH-MAZING photographer and her blog is oh so fun. I can't wait to share what she creates---but in the meantime, mosey on over to her website and check out her portfolio of pictures and her blog here.  You'll see what I'm talking about :)
  8. I confess that I am a huge fan of Paula Deen--well, actually the whole Deen family.  I have a ton of their cookbooks, met Paula at an event that I waited in line for what seemed like forever and am just in love with all things Southern, which obviously includes the butter-lovin' Queen.  So imagine my surprise when Bobby Deen's wife, Claudia, liked one of my photos on Instagram.  The picture was of my delicious dinner of Bobby's "Lighter than Lasagna Soup".  If you are looking for a super fab Italian soup recipe, I recommend it---just google Bobby Deen's Lighter Than Lasagna Soup.  Oh, and here's my picture.
  9. I confess that I bought OPI's 50 Shades of Grey mini 6 pack nail polish from Amazon this week.  And I rarely ever polish my nails! On a side note, did y'all see that Target now has a full line of "Shades" stuff?  Interesting...hmmm....
  10. I confess that I was 90's teen who was infatuated with Saved by the Bell---I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski and have Zack Morris as my boyfriend.  With that being said, did y'all see the Saved by the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon this week?  OMG--so hysterically funny!  If you missed it, check it out here. 

Alright gals, in the words of one of my faves, the infamous Usher, these are my confessions!  What are yours?


Chrissy said...

Love the Saved by the Bell reunion!!!

Bri Jackson said...

Ooh I'm loving those polishes!

Kate said...

I love hate watching the bachelor! You know those producers hand pick the craziest women. I don't like that some people use it to reinforce their stereotype that "women are crazy," but I also can't stop watching...what a dilemma!

Jenny Morgan said...

Ikr Bri?!? I am super excited--pics next week 😄

Jenny Morgan said...

Me too! The Zack Attack music was my fave!

Jenny Morgan said...

I couldn't agree more but it's like a train wreck---I just can't turn my head!

Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot said...

Oh -- the Bachelor. I hate to admit we (yes, me AND my husband) are totally hooked on this show! It's a total train wreck that we can't stop watching. Thanks for linking up to Thoughts on Thursday!