Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites...

Hi Girls-

I am in Florida, sitting in my show booth while I type this.  They actually had a freeze warning here overnight---isn't this known as the sunny, warm state, what the heck happened?  I totally flaked out on Thinking out Loud Thursday yesterday---I had a post planned and forgot to schedule it so...starting fresh this morning with another edition of Friday Favorites linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci.

This is now my new favorite breakfast---crepes with egg, ham & cheese.  I just got done eating it
---like just wiped the eggy goodness off my face.  It was delish!  You often don't get very good food at convention centers but this was the best breakfast I've ever had at a show.  Now I must learn to make crepes.

This will be my new favorite picture to annoy my sister with.  She hates when I drink beer out of the bottle and she wants nothing to do with bones--no chicken wings, chicken legs, ribs, nothing so this picture will definitely give her the willies.  This is part of the steak that we had on Wednesday night.  I'll be honest, if we weren't in public I probably would have been gnawing on the meaty goodness a bit more.
If I were stuck on a desert island and could only have one make up item (yes, I know, why would I need makeup on an island---HELLO, I'm single and at some point, I would be rescued), this would be it.  I love Lipstick Queen lipsticks and my fave shade is Float.  It's a great color with a hint of shimmer, provides mucho moisturizers and has a subtle flash of blue pearl that actually makes your teeth appear whiter. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this picture but this was my dinner last night---lobster encrusted trigger fish.  Oh, how I swooned!  Best fish dinner I've ever had!  If you are ever in Orlando, try out Moon Fish...they have seafood, sushi, steaks and the most fantastic raspberry mojito.
I am an ashy gal girls!  My legs during the winter time are quite embarrassing so this, my bloggy friends, is my go to.  I love the spray moisturizer from Vaseline!  These are my two favorites--I like the Cocoa Radiant as it reminds me of cocoa butter and the beach.

Alright gals, that's my Friday Favorites---what are yours?


Megan said...

I really need to try this spray lotion!! I have almost bought it several times, so I will for sure put it on my Wal-Mart list!! Have a great day!

Vanessa Roberts said...

My husband's grandma used to love the bones of chicken, steaks, etc. Too funny!
And isn't spray lotion just the bee's knees? Have you tried the St. Ives ones yet? I love both brands and they are super light weight for summer :)

Deena Simair said...

I heart crepes. I should pass you my french Canadian recipe....or maybe i"ll blog it next week cause now I'm craving me some crepes.

Jenny Morgan said...

It is the best Megan and I don't have to worry about it getting all over my hands--you totally should! Have a great weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

My sister sent me a text after I posted and the opening line was "Ewwwwww"--I lol! Ooh I haven't tried St.Ives but am adding it to my shopping list as I type this. Have a great weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

Yes you must pass it on--or post but either way I must have it. I will now be on a crepe kick for sure. Happy Weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks for reading Lana! I am so going to have to get me a crepe pan now! And the spray lotion will change your life girl :)