Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hi Girls-

We made it!  I don't know about y'all, but I for one am super glad this work week is over.  It's been ROUGH!  But...for my meme of the day.  Let's get Friday started!

Now that we've shaken our rump a little bit--let's get to it because I'm super excited for today's Friday Favorites link-up with Andrea, Erika and Narci.

Chips & Salsa is probably my #1 fave snack food of all times.  And I had a certain brand I loved until I discovered this and it blew everything I had snacked on in the past to smithereens.  It is the bomb!  Does anyone say that anymore? :)  I'm thinking this version of the already yummy Tostito chip is new and you have to, I repeat, have to pick this up---immediately.  Like go out right now and buy them. I'll wait. They are thin and crispy like you would find at your favorite Mexican Cantina.  And I can't say enough about Mrs. Renfro's Peach Salsa.  They have other versions but this is by far the best--at least according to my selective palette (which is not all that selective seeing as I would eat Chick-Fil-A #1 Combo everyday if I could). 

OK, so I try to make a point not to buy anything "Dry Clean Only".  But every now and than, the clothing gets the best of me and it's something that I just can't live without.  Well, last year, I was working a trade show and my booth was next to a dish detergent, laundry detergent, all purpose cleaning type booth and he had this little gem that he graciously gave me at the end of the event.  I was a little hesitant to use for fear of ruining my clothes BUT after doing some research and reading the online reviews I figured I'd give it a try and let me tell y'all, they work fantastic.  As the back of the box instructions say, it is really as easy as 1-2-3.  I highly recommend it if you are like me and want to save a few extra pennies on dry cleaning.
I {heart} Jim Cantore!  There I've said it--he may be the only reason that I watch the Weather Channel.  Well, last week Jim (because we are on first name basis now-ha!) was in Boston and experienced a "thundersnow".  I laughed so hard at his excitement.  Check out the video here to see what I'm talking about.  Also, I will add that he was in Charlotte this week for NC's Snowmageddon and I briefly thought (well, let's be real I was already lacing up my shoes before I came to my senses) about risking life and limb in the bad weather and going a little stalkerazzi on him since he was in my nearby.
OK gals, let's get personal.  Let's be BFF's and have some girl talk and venture "down there".  I'll be real for a minute, shaving down there is a pain in the patookus.  I usually get waxed during the summer time because it's swimsuit season and you can see everything BUT during the winter months I take care of business on my own--unfortunately razor burn is my arch nemesis and happens nearly every time.  Until I found this product!  This is a roll on that you use after you shave down under and it really does prevent razor burn and in grown hair down in your lady bits.  You're welcome in advance!
Yesterday was #SNOMG2015---it really was a big fail for some in my local area but I got about 3.5" at my house and it was soooo pretty but I am soooooo ready for it to be Spring.  Anywhoodle, my girlfriend had some sitter issues so I had her kids for the day.  We spent some playtime outside in the morning, ate a little lunch, some snacks (boy, do kids eat a lot on snow days) but in the afternoon I really had to get some work done (I work from home so snow days don't exist).  I told the kids I needed an hour of uninterrupted time.  Well, about 5 minutes after I said that the 3 year old came trapsing in like this (first picture below).  Needless to say, I decided that I would get caught up on work after they left.  You can't relive moments like this. 

Working opposite from me on my desk.
Who doesn't love a good hand trace?
Speaking of the snow, I was so excited to have my new camera to capture all the fluffy stuff outside so I got up at 6:30 yesterday morning and walked out in my jammies, coat, hat & rain boots (too bad I didn't get a picture of that).  And then I got the pleasure of capturing some snow fun with the kids.  These are some of my fave shots of the days. 
This happened after I asked her for the 19th time to jump off this ball of snow trying to capture the perfect "in the air" shot.  This is also before I learned how to work the Action feature on my camera.
Alright gal pals, what are your favorites today? 


Deena Simair said...

Oh, I love fresh snow!

Megan said...

I love the snow pics!!!! We were cracking up at Jim Cantore!! That guy is insane standing out in the weather he does!! and as for Chips and Salsa, I am thinking yesterday was National Tortilla Chip day???? ;) Have a blessed weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

It was beautiful...and now it's gone! Thank y

Jenny Morgan said...

I have watched it over and over and funny! Have w great weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

It was very pretty but I'm happy to say most of it is gone. Now bring on the Spring! I agree, I could never do what Jim (remember 1st name basis) does--but he couldn't be better at his job. Lol! And I think everyday should be national tortilla chip day 😉. Have a great weekend!

Jen Cowan said...

I'm SO over snow! We haven't gotten much in St. Louis, but I'm ready for pools, tans and margaritas. I'm gonna have to check out that woolite - my husband insists on dry cleaned shirts for work!
new follower!

Katie Mitchell said...

I try never to buy anything "dry clean only" either. Luckily I have a steam fresh setting on my dryer and can throw things in there on the no-steam setting to freshen them up and it works great, but I am totally going to try that woolite!

Jenny Morgan said...

My next dryer will definitely have this feature!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

Aww, thank you so much for reading Jen! And girl I'm feeling you on the snow and I guarantee it was way less than what you had---we are so spoiled here in NC. But sign me up for pools, tans & margaritas any day :) I'm heading over to your blog now!

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