Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let's Talk Tuesday

Hi Girls-

This is just a whole bunch of randomness today.  I completely forgot that I was traveling yesterday (had it wrong on my planner) so it made for an interesting Sunday night and Monday morning.  I flew through DC (where it was super cold) to make it to my final destination in AL.  Traveling is part of my life because of my job and truth be told, I actually get a little antsy when I've been at home for too long.  Although, when I'm gone, I miss my fur-babies and lounging in my jammies all day---just keepin' it real :) 

I take a lot of pictures---mostly on my iPhone because I always have it with me but I bought a cute little camera to travel to Germany last Summer.  I would love to have a professional camera but I am overwhelmed with all the choices---any suggestions?  Anywhoodle, back to my pictures, I decided to share with you some of my favorite pictures as well as some of my favorite IG e-card posts I saw yesterday that made me LOL. 

So, after running late to the airport and forgetting to bring the 12x24 signs I had printed out at Staples on Saturday for an event I'm attending today, this happened.  This is the kiosk to the parking deck at the airport.  BOTH of the kiosks were down and this poor man was trying to get it fixed...in the rain...while about 40 cars were backed up giving him the stank eye.  What pressure!  After about 10 minutes, he just lifted the gate arm and let all the folks go through, which should make for an interesting checkout tomorrow when I get back home because I don't have a parking ticket.
I made it to my gate with plenty of time to spare to grab my favorite Starbuck's treat of vanilla iced coffee.  I wore flip flops yesterday, thus the Chuck's in my bag, with my latest Nicolas Sparks book I'm reading.  I am swooning over my new nail polish and I never polish my nails.  This is from OPI's "50 Shades of Grey" 6 pack mini collection.

I used this sweet photo of my sister and I for #thephotochallenge2015 that I'm participating in on Instagram.  I love so many things about this pic but mostly because it's with one of my favorite people and also because I'm wearing one of my many homemade dresses my momma used to make me.  Although you can't really tell, this was a V-Day dress and those little red dots are actually hearts.  I love that my momma really was Suzy Homemaker--- she had mad cooking skills, could create anything and made just about all of my clothes when I was little.

And finally, because I'm such a foodie and take a picture of every single meal I eat, this was my dinner from The Fish Market in Birmingham last night.  I had BBQ shrimp, green beans and a glass of wine.  The shrimp was really, really good!

So, I had the Grammy's on this past Sunday and watched most of it.  In scrolling through IG yesterday, I was literally laughing in the airport at the pictures that were posted about the latest Kanye debacle.  I say "latest" because this guy is always in the news for some type of controversy.  Truth be told, I could care less about him or Kim but he definitely has sparked some big debates across the globe from folks.  If you didn't see it, Kanye "jokingly" stepped up on stage when Beck received the Album of the Year award.  Although he didn't steal the microphone away like he did when Taylor Swift won the award several years back, he went on record afterwards saying that he didn't think that Beck deserved the award.  Let me just put it out there that I really don't care who received the award but it really is a douchebag move and very rude to not let someone bask in their own glory after receiving a top honor.  Am I right?  So the below pictures were some of my favorites making the round on IG and FB in dealing with the Kanye Kontrovery--lol
This should've been Beck's reaction when Kanye stormed the stage.  Just so you know, I am a lover of all things Prince.  Purple Rain was and still is one of my favorite movies AND songs.
And this is pretty much the consensus of everyone STILL talking about Kanye
And this is how I feel about the fact that people are still talking about it!

 But this, my bloggy friends, is my most favorite photo of all that had to deal with the Grammy's!  Before there was wrestler The Rock, there was this legend himself Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Whoo!  I was chuckling hard when I saw this while sitting in the airport.  I love it!

Alright gals, I know---nothing riveting but just a look back on my Monday and some of my faves!  Happy Tuesday!





Megan said...

those ecards(not sure this is what they are called...) are hysterical!!!! Prince..yes, yes and yes! ;)

Deena Simair said...

I think travelling often would be so fun....also- just checked out your profile..Yankees fan, hey? I'm a Jays fan...ohohohohoh. :)

Jenny Morgan said...

Lol Megan, I didn't know what they were called either and I know they have a name 😄. There have been so many circulating about Kanye but these were my fave.

Jenny Morgan said...

Deena, it definitely has its pros and cons for sure. And yes, Yankees fan through and through 😍 My college boyfriend was a diehard fan and I just kind've adopted them since NC doesn't have a major league team--never looked back.

Shelly Janac said...

I loved this idea when I read Shays post today too!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks so much for reading Shelly! Yes, it was a fun post :)