Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hi Girls-

Happy Monday!  Is this how you feel?  Well, it certainly is how I do!  One of my friends posted this on Instagram yesterday and I thought it was so funny---and oh so true!  My weekend was crazy, crazy, crazy!  And then I realized that I was actually leaving today for a business trip instead of tomorrow which meant adding Sunday night packing in my mix of things to do.

I was so proud of myself for writing every day last week.  And I really enjoyed it so I'm trying to keep the momentum up for this week even though I'll be out of town for half of it.  But that's what pre-planning posting is for, right?  I really had a great time reading so many great gal's blogs this past week and adding them to the "Blogs I Love" list that you can find over to the right.  This really is a community of such talented, funny, hardworking women that I am so fortunate to be a part of.

Anywhoodle---what did y'all do this weekend? 

Mine was jam-packed so here's just a little of what went on inside my little world here in the great state of NC!

I've asked my B-I-L to build both of these things for me---he's quite the handiman and right now I'm into all things pallet created so these both top my list.  I'm thinking that instead of "You Are My Sunshine" that mine will simply say "EAT" or something of the sorts--thoughts or any other creative kitchen quotes you can think of?
I did just a tiny bit of V-Day decorations.  Being a single gal, this isn't exactly one of my favorite holidays to get excited about but because I'm a lover of all things pink, I decided to throw up a few little things. 

Speaking of being single, I think the dating sites are preying on the weak during the Love Day time of year as my email has been inundated within the last week or so with reminders of how single I really am.  Like I needed a reminder!  Can I get an amen from all my single sisters?  My response, "Screw off Cupid".  I mean that in the nicest way possible!

I spent my Saturday morning watching this diva during her first ever cheer competition.  I'm so blessed to be able to be a part of my friend's kids lives.  They are all so special to me and I couldn't love them anymore if they were my own. H has been working so hard over the last few months with her cheer team and she was so excited...and a little nervous too.  She's the one being held up by the girls, the flyer, in both pics.  Her team took 1st place in their division, Best Dance, Best Pyramid & Overall Grand Champs.  Great job cheer girls---hard work pays off!

Saturday night the above awesome cheer gal had the daddy daughter dance and her mommy was volunteering so I kept the baby and her oldest brother.  After a quick dinner at Sonic, we were back home just relaxing and watching movies.
Seriously, is there anything better than footed pajamas on a little one?  I swoon!
You can tell she loves the camera, right?
 And this by far is some of my most favorite times ever.  The baby, well I call her that even though she turned 3 in November, asked me to rock her.  My cup runneth over!  I know this time won't last forever and if she weren't heavy like a sack of potatoes and my arm didn't fall asleep, I probably would have held her all night long.  Her brother wasn't too far behind her in the snooze department, although he is way too old to snuggle with his Jenny.  And last but not least, one of my fur-babies is horribly jealous when the kids come over so after they went to bed, she had to get her own mommy time in.  I am so blessed!

Sunday morning is always hectic in my house---even when I don't have two other people to get ready for 10 o'clock church service.  I give all you momma's mad praise!  This little diva insisted on blueberry pancakes with extra blueberries on top and she probably would've spent all morning in the bath had I let her.  And I would be very remiss of me not to Praise the Lord for the most incredible weather on this February day--68, I'll take it. 


One last thing I wanted to share that brought tears to my eyes during my church service this morning.  I wrote about Compassion International last week and the newest member of my family, Charleny.  If you didn't read it, you can check it out here.  My pastor announced how many children were sponsored during last week's service and my heart just exploded---126 kids!  126 sweet faces and lives will forever be changed by the $38 a week given from the generous hearts of our congregation.  I am so proud to be a part of Hope City Church :)

Alright gals, it's Monday!  Let's do this!  I hope you all have a super fantastic week!  Now to think of all the crazy things I can share with y'all this week.


Megan said...

Footed Pjs are the best thing ever!! they make my heart melt! and your Valentine day decorations are so cute!!

Deena Simair said...

I was admiring that palette when you posted it on Instagram- can't wait to see the final product!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks Deena! I'll be sure to post pictures of it once it is done. I've become a bit obsessive over pallets---who would've thought the rage it would be? Thanks for reading! Have a great Monday!

Jenny Morgan said...

IKR, Megan?!? I love them! And thank you--the simpler the better I think but I had to put something up :) Happy Monday!