Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday--Groundhog Day!

Hi Girls-

So I'm pretty excited to be linking up, for the first time, with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday. I've been following this gal's blog for what seems like ever but never joined in on the fun...until now :)

I'm pretty excited for a couple reasons.  One because this is one of my most favorite movies ever and I literally did watch it over and over yesterday.  As a matter of fact, I was just telling a friend today that next year I will be there live and in person in Punxsutawney, PA--already started looking at hotels.  And two because it's fun to think about what day would I choose to do over and over if I could.

Alright, back to the task at hand...what day(s) would I want to repeat?  This is a lot harder than I thought and I considered maybe just coming back on another Tuesday link up instead but I thought to myself, nope, step out and do it.  I really can't think of a particular day that I considered to be my best or favorite but I have millions of moments that I would love to have a do-over on!

Anywhoodle, let's get to it.  Anywhoodle, let's get to it.  See what I did there---ha, I'm cracking myself up!  My ode to Groundhog day!

1)  Any day that involved being with my sweet parents!  I love them both so dearly and this year marks 19 years that I lost them both.  They taught me to love hard, give all the glory to God, appreciate life, don't take the little things for granted and I am so very blessed that I was able to spend the time I did with them.  They were the most special, Godly, wonderful parents a girl could ask for and I know that God knew what he was doing when he made me their child.
2)  Or it would be any day that I could spend with this special lady---my super awesome, best, most favoritest (I'm making it a word and it's my blog) sister ever!  It must be noted that she is, in fact, my only sister but she is also my biggest supporter, my greatest confidant, the best secret keeper ever and she's been a part of every proud moment in my entire life. We can know what each other is thinking without saying a word and laugh at some of the most non-laughable things ever but she is my rock.

3)  Or it would be this day, or more particularly the feeling I had in this very moment when I knew I was right around the corner from the finish line of hardest race I've ever been a part of.  It was a  feeling of accomplishment, that I was strong and powerful and tough and didn't even cry because my knees were bloody from the rocks I was crawling on and that I had cuts on my back from barb wire I had crawled under but also because I knew that I had done this all on my very own!

4)  Or it would be any day that I could spend with these precious gals that I call some of the bestest friends I have ever had!  These girls would walk through fire for me or give me their luggage (yes, that was a Steel Magnolia reference).  They've seen me at my best but more importantly at my worst and still stuck with me, given me encouragement when I needed it, laughed at all my stupid stories and jokes and been a shoulder to cry on.  I love them with all my heart!


5)  Or it would be any day that I could be party planning!  This is a hobby that I would love to turn into a professional because I love to do it so very much (well that and maybe get paid to drink wine all day).  I find so much reward in doing this for my friends and family and seeing how much they love what I've created and how appreciative they are. 

OK chicas, that's all I have for my first Show & Tell...can't wait to do the next one :)


Kimm said...

Love this!!!! I'm loving this link up series

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks Girl! I've been looking for Link Ups (honestly, to make it easier for me to find interesting topics to blog about) and I'm not sure how I missed Andrea's. But so glad I found it! I think it will definitely be a fun series :)

Kimm said...

You need to link up every Friday for Friday favorites!!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

I saw that one too...I usually do Confessional Friday's with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition but I may have to go back & forth. It looks like fun!