Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Hi Girls!

In an effort to spruce up my blog posts and not write about the same old things every week, I googled "Blog Posts" on the world wide web and whoa nelly, the search results that came up were crazy big---everything from lifestyle to engineering (really, who wants to read that) to food to well, you name it.  BUT, after digging through too many sites to name, I found 40 really good blog themes that I plan on writing about over the next...well, however long it takes me to write them all.  Some may be weekly posts or singular posts depending on what the subject is.  The blog post I decided to start out with is:

What's great is that while cruising through Instagram, which I am most highly addicted to, I found that one of the sweet gal's I follow had a link up that went perfectly with what I had planned on blogging today.  I absolutely love making cyber friends through the blogging process and Vanessa has a fantastic blog that you can check out at Xtremely V and her guest blogger today is Penny from Penny's Passion which is a blog that I'm new to but already loving. 
                                          X-tremely V 

Now, obviously, this won't include everything but man, I had paper with me up until noon yesterday and the things that flowed from this brain of mine were all sorts of scary, sad, funny, crazy, thoughtful and happy.  Of course, one thought led to another thought and so on and so forth but here's me "Thinking Out Loud".
  • When's the last time I shaved my legs?
  • I need to get more moisturizer.
  • I also need to cancel my blade renewal for next month.
  • I have to get some new underwear.
  • I hate doing laundry.
  • I need to do some laundry.
  • I wish the garbage trucks weren't so loud because they cause my dogs to bark.
  • Why was my presentation not good enough?
  • How am I going to explain a $70 Legal Seafood bill for one person on my expense report?
  • I need to stop checking FB.
  • What quirky pic am I going to put on Instagram today?
  • I must change into real clothes today--not trading one set of PJ's for another set of PJ's
  • No more Oreo's
  • There's a box of Oreo's downstairs.
  • I really want Chick Fil A
  • I hate being on a budget
  • I wonder how much weight I can lose by my birthday.
  • Will I be the only single woman seeing Fifty Shades of Grey?
  • Why am I single for another V-Day?
  • Gender reveal shower is less than 2 weeks away and I need to get to planning.
  • I wonder what my ex is doing?
  • I want to go to Target.
  • No Target, I am on a budget.
  • I need to vacuum.
  • I hate cleaning the litter box.
  • I wish my cat was toilet trained.
  • There should be a Starbucks in my neighborhood.
  • Why aren't there any single men in my neighborhood?
  • I should move to an area with single men.
  • I don't want to move because I'd be further from my friends.
  • Maybe I should move near my sister.
  • She's talking about getting chickens and I think she's crazy.
  • I don't want to live in the country.
  • Stop worrying about being single.
  • I want to learn Spanish.
  • I love mechanical pencils.
  • I want to go to Italy--Stupid Budget!
  • What food will I prepare for my lifegroup on the 21st?
  • I need to drink more water.
  • I hate drinking water.
  • I hate having my period.
  • I hate that tampons are expensive.
  • I'd go for a hysterectomy today.
  • Am I too old for kids?
  • Do I even want kids?
  • I want to change out my bedding in my master bedroom.
  • I need to wax my hardwood floors
  • Where did that hair on my chin come from?
  • I have to wash my car.
  • I wish my hair looked like Brit's from "The Bachelor"
  • I need to frame my now 15 year old degree from college
  • To the above, why bother?
  • Wonder what my new sponsored child is doing? 
  • Does she know she has a sponsor?
  • Did she eat today?
  • Stop complaining about the things you don't have--Charleny has none of it.
  • Why do I always break a nail when they are all the perfect length?
  • Who cares about Tom Brady?
  • Christie Brinkley looks better at 61 than I do at 36.
  • How much weight can I lose by next week?
  • If I get married, I'm eloping or having a destination wedding in a tropical location BUT I want a big pink candy bar.
  • I can't figure out why my pics on my iPhone won't upload to my computer.
  • I did my devotion today and my phone rang twice.  I answered.  I should have let it go to voicemail.  God saw that.
  • I would so watch me if I had a reality TV show.
  • I like my boss but wonder if he really thinks I'm doing a good job, even though he tells me I am.

What are you thinking about? 


Vanessa Roberts said...

Thanks for linking up Jenny! And you seriously crack me up! I was literally laughing out loud and how much I relate to many of these items!

Rachel Julia said...

I loved reading this, Jenny! Totally reminded me of my brain : )

Megan said...

This is great!!! I loved reading this (may have to try this for myself) !! My brain does the same things! I also hate being on a budget! I tell my hubs all the time, "why can't we just win the lottery?" :)

Jenny Morgan said...

Thank you for reading! Isn't it crazy how our mind goes from one place to a million miles away and then back and oh where? Lol!

Jenny Morgan said...

Crazy what the brain does, right? And budgets suck! Funny about the lottery--that's actually one of my future posts "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams--what if I won the lottery?" Thanks for reading!