Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Hi Girls-

I'm a little late in posting today---mostly because I didn't plan anything last night as I was struggling what to write about and the fact that I was up at 4am this morning to catch a flight back home that took me through DC.  However, while catching up on a few of my favorite blogs I was elated to find a great idea on Mix and Match Family.  Shay is an amazing blogger and her friend Mel over at The Larson Lingo has been doing a What's Up Wednesday that I decided to borrow (well, ok--steal) her idea.  Because well, it's a great one!

Before I get into it, just a reminder that we made it halfway through the work week. But if I'm being completely honest, this is how I actually felt this morning. 

 OK, back to the task at hand, let's get to first What's Up Wednesday!

What I'm Eating this Week:
I would love to pretend like I have a menu planned for every day of the week but unfortunately because I travel and because I'm single, it's a bit more difficult to plan things out like that.  What I will share is what I had for dinner last night in Birmingham.  I went for Thai at Surin West and the Pad Thai was delicious. I will definitely put it on my places to eat at again when I go back.

What I'm Reading:
I love to read!  It is definitely one of my most favorite hobbies and currently I'm reading this.  I am a huge fan of anything by Nicholas Sparks.  I also still believe in fairy tales and happy endings---call it the hopeless romantic in me if you will.  I go through one book at least every couple weeks.
What I'm Looking Forward To:
Valentine's Day being over!!!! OK, I don't hate it but as a single gal, it is definitely not something I actually look forward to.  But in all seriousness, I just take it all in stride and remember it's just a day.  I was so excited when I got home and checked my mail this afternoon--there was a Valentine's card in the mail for moi.  I was thinking, "Aww, which one of my sweet married friends decided to take pity on their single gal pal."  Well, to my surprise, it wasn't from a girlfriend at all---nope, it was from my home security company.  I hope y'all laughed out loud at that---like for reals.  And yes, CPI, I will be your Valentine's---smooches!

 What I'm Loving:
Product Details
 I am the chapstick, lipgloss, lipstick Queen!  I always have some with me and I have a tube of something in every single drawer in my home.  I {heart} this sugar scrub for my kisser!  I've used it for years and have typically only bought it from Ulta but it is now available on Amazon.
What I've Been Up To:
I'm throwing a Gender Reveal party on Saturday and my sister created the vinyl to go on the outside of the big reveal box.  I can't wait to share the pics from the event.

And this is a day in the life of me at work.  Well, sort've.  I do events showing my products typically from January through May and was in Birmingham yesterday .  We had different store employees come through our booth every 15 minutes from 10-4:30 and I had to say the same thing over and over and over and over---well, you get it.  It's hard to stay enthusiastic at the end of the day.
What I'm Dreading:
Getting my house company ready for the party on Saturday.  I generally keep my house pretty tidy but when you know guests are coming, I want it to be in tip-top shape.
Oh, yeah that and Valentine's Day :)
What I'm Working On:
As it concerns blogging, I am working on my Thoughts on Thursday and Friday Favorites post.  In my work life, I am preparing for my trip to Orlando next week and Indiana the following week.
What I'm Watching:
Where is Olivia Pope?

My Favorite Comedy!

Prince Farming is Ah-Mazing!
Yes, I am watching One Tree Hill on Netflix.  No judgement!

What I'm Listening To:
I am obsessed with the Bruno Mars channel on Pandora!  I've also been listening to Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz since the Super Bowl.

What I'm Annoyed By?
This one is so easy, especially today since I just got back from a business trip.  I think people lose their manners once they step on an airplane.  There is no common courtesy, no letting women go first, no please and thank you.  Just shoving and pushing and sighing and eye-rolling.  Hey folks, in case you didn't know, we are all going to the same place!
What I'm Ready For?
Summer!  Which starts in 130 days by the way!  Operation hibernation mode needs to cease in time for summer weather.
What I'm Wearing?
This is actually what I wore yesterday because I travel pretty casually.
Cowl neck sweater dress, black cardigan, black leggings, black knee boots and lots of bling!
Alright gals, that's all I have for today---what's up with you?


Megan said...

fun post!!! I have never seen One Tree Hill, but have heard many great things! I am watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix! I love having a show that is easy to watch (doesn't involve a lot of thinking and you can pick it up anytime)!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

My suggestion is don't even get started---you will be sucked in instantly! It's kind've like a updated version of Beverly Hills 90210. And I love Gilmore Girls--it was my first binge watching sesh on Netflix.