Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Hi Girls-
Happy Wednesday!  You've made it halfway!  I'm not sure where you gals live but in NC we were hit with ice on Monday night and into Tuesday---I had about a 1/4" at my house in just plain ice.  I'm so over it.  I'm heading out this morning to sunny Florida for a work event and am hoping to get at least 70 degree weather for the rest of the week :)

I decided to link up again with Larson Lingo for another edition of What's Up Wednesday. 

What I'm Eating this Week:
As I pointed out last week, I travel quite a bit for my job.  Because of that, unless I'm going to be home for at least a week, my fridge and cupboards are pretty bare.  I hosted a gender reveal party on Saturday so I've been snacking on those leftovers since then--veggies & dip, cupcakes and other snacky type foods.  Since I'll be in Florida through Friday night, I am sure that seafood will be on the top of my list of foods to indulge in along with some good brews.  I'm traveling with my boss and he is big time into beer so I'm always finding something new I like when I'm with him.  Yesterday's photo challenge on Instagram was "I Ate" and this was my snack--Skinny Girl popcorn, Blackberry Pie Greek Yogurt and pistachios. 

What I'm Reading this Week:
If you read my post yesterday, you know I raved about this book from Allison Flexer.  If you are or know a single gal struggling with being single, I strongly suggest this book.  It is fantastic!

What I'm Looking Forward to this Week:
Saturday morning is my first meeting with my church Life Group ladies!  We've been on break since Christmas and I'm so excited to reconvene.  I host at my house so I'll be serving breakfast.  I'm really hoping that we see a lot of new faces.  I'm also hoping that I have no flight delays on Friday night as the ladies will be at my house on Saturday at 9am.  This is the book we'll be reading and discussing this semester.  I'm praying that God will move in marvelous ways and that our group will come even closer together over the next few months. 
 I'm also looking forward to my awesome Brother-In-Law's birthday on Saturday.  He is such an amazing man and I am so happy that God placed him back in my sister's life after many years apart. 
What I'm Loving this Week: 
Because of the weather this week, I got to pick up my favorite little 3 year old on Monday afternoon and spend the afternoon snuggling, playing with her dolls, snacking, napping and watching the snow come down.  I LOVE these pictures of her seeing the first few flakes that started to fall---oh, to see life through the eyes of a child!  So innocent, such excitement!

I also am digging my "snow preparedness kit" I made--who needs milk & bread when you have wine, Hershey's kisses, cupcakes & 80's movies?

What I'm Working on this Week:
I'm working on a post about loving yourself in your own skin and feeling beautiful no matter what.  I was inspired by a sweet gal pal, Megan, that I "met" through the Cyber world through Instagram & Blogging.  More Sweet Tea Please? is her blog and she is fabulous---you must go over and read her post from yesterday on how she met her husband. I swear it has the makings of a Hallmark movie.  Anywhoodle, Megan sent me a sweet email about an Instagram post where I went "au naturel".  She also sent me the link to an old post that she had made on the same very subject.  I'll be bringing this to y'all next week. 
 I'm also working on being a healthier me.  I'm not getting any younger and I know that the older I get, the harder it will be to lose these extra lbs.  The struggle is real y'all---and it sucks!
What I'm Dreading:
Finishing up a powerpoint presentation I need to turn into my boss' boss by end of next week.  He's super smart, like went to Yale smart but he's not one of those guys that acts like it.  However, I am still incredibly intimated by him. 
What I'm Watching:
Married at First Sight (on A&E).  This is another reality TV show that sucked me in.  Also, one of the gal's in my life group is dating the brother of one of the gal's on the show.  I think it's pretty cool.
What I'm Annoyed by:
People making fun of us Southern folk when there is a bad winter weather.  There's a reason we live South of the Mason Dixon line and that biggest reason is the beautiful weather and mild Winter.  We don't know how to drive in snow storms and our cities are not equipped with snow removal as they are up North.  We get ice here---ice!  You can't remove that.  The pics below are actual photos from local grocery stores taken by some of my friends on FB.  I love it! 
What I'm Listening To this Week:
Just downloaded this new awesome album from one of my favorite bands---I love it!!! 
Alright gals, that's What's Up this Wednesday!  See you tomorrow as I link up  with the awesome Vanessa over at X-Tremely V and Penny over at Penny's Passion for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  You should link up tomorrow if you haven't already! 


Megan said...

First you are too sweet!!! I can't wait to read your post on beautiful!!! ;) Second, I love your snow kit! ;) really who needs bread and milk when you have that???? and I am super jealous that you are going to Florida!!! ;) Have fun and be safe! Happy Wednesday!

Deena Simair said...

BAHAHHA- those grocery store pics are awesome! Can't wait to read your beautiful post on beautiful.

Lana L. said...

Hope you're having a good trip to Florida! Your snow kit is right up my alley!! My son and I saw the Imagine Dragons concert last year and they are amazing - can't wait to hear the new album.

Jenna Threatt said...

Thanks for the shout-out!!!! Love me some MAFS!

Jenny Morgan said...

Lol girl--you are welcome and I am obsessed with it!

Jenny Morgan said...

Hey Lana, sorry I missed this comment. I'm so jelly of you seeing them in concert. I've literally just kept their album on repeat for nearly a week. Friction is by far my favorite song!

Mel @ The Larson Lingo said...

Yay! So glad you did a What's Up Wednesday! Loved reading it! The "I want a hot body, but I also want tacos" made me LOL!