Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Can't Live Without...Wednesday

Hi Girls-

I've been doing some pretty heavy posts recently so I figured I would lighten my blog mood up a bit today in a post I'm calling "How Can I Live Without You?" sang in my best LeeAnn Rimes voice--before I thought she was a little trashy.  Honestly, I would love to do what most of my blogger friends do on Wednesday and post what they are wearing BUT in being completely transparent, I have only been in pj's and workout clothes for the past two days and I didn't feel that there would be anyone remotely interested in seeing what that looked like.  But, before we get's my meme of the day in honor of what I couldn't post about :)  Y'all, remember this?  I think she is one of Kate's cousins. 

Anyway, years ago when I did eHarmony, one of the questions they ask is "What Can't You Live Without?"  Although I can't remember the answers I chose at the time, I thought it would be fun to make a new list.  So, here goes...
  1. Pandora Radio.  I am obsessed.  My favorite channel is Bruno Mars followed by Bon Jovi and Pat Monahan.
  2. Cheese.  This needs no explanation. 
  3. The Beach.  I love sitting at the beach all day with my feet in the sand, book in my hand, umbrella nearby for shade and a frosty cocktail.  That is my heaven!  Oh, Summer, please hurry up!

  4. Electric toothbrush.  What did I do before you?  I received mine as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and hands down, it may have been the best present I have ever received.
  5. Nutella.  Like #2, this needs no explanation.
  6. Hand sanitizer--specifically Bath & Body Works.  My favorite scent is Vanilla Bean Noel but once I use up all my winter stash, I move over to my tried and true Warm Vanilla Sugar.
  7. Diet Cherry Lemon Sundrop.  You may not be familiar with this but it's a Southern soda delicacy and the Diet Cherry part just recently made its debut in individual bottle form instead of 2 liter.  Yeah me!
  8. Spanx.  After #2 and #5, I need some help sucking it all in. 
  9. Adam Levine's face and smile.  Really girls--I think he is just so pretty.
  10. A sister who can do every crafty thing imaginable.  I so wish I was creative like that but I'm not.  Thankfully, if I have an idea of something I want, she can make it, build it, paint it or print it! 
Alright gals, come by tomorrow for the link up with Vanessa & Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!   Happy Wednesday!


Deena Simair said...

Oh is so much better with you.

Jenny Morgan said...

LOL Dee! #truth :)