Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites...

Hi Girls-

Happy Friday!  Boy, what a week!  Honestly, it went by pretty quickly for me because I was jam- packed busy all week.  But whoo-hoo, it's Friday!  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, things with le guy and I are progressing quite well.  We went out last night for sushi and have plans for this weekend as well. 

Now let's get this weekend started out right with some Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika and Narci. 

I'll be the first one to admit that I am not the most fashion conscious gal out there.  Although I love my local boutiques and get quite a few pieces there, the majority of my clothing comes from Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, etc.  But this week on Instagram, I stumbled upon Space46Boutique.  And I swooned!  I have wanted a tulle skirt for, well, forever.  At least since I started watching Sex & the City back in the day and fell in love with Carrie's signature skirt.  Well, Space 46 Boutique is all about the tulle and I have spent hours combing their website searching for the perfect one that I am going to buy.  I may end up only wearing it while I'm cleaning but darnit, I will own a tulle skirt.  These are some of the beauties on their site I'm loving.  Check out these and some of their other beautiful tulle skirts here!
I usually carry a pretty big purse (suitcase) around that houses my wallet, Whitney English Day Designer, a big water, make-up and a whole host of other items.  But last weekend on le date, I carried my favorite tortoise colored clutch from Nine West.  Other than the fact that it is completely impractical for my day-to-day use, this is my most favorite bag ever and I carry it year round--when I only need things like a license, credit card, lipstick and hand sanitizer.

NC weather is about as unpredicatable as me deciding whether or not I start a diet on Monday.  And the last two weeks have proven this point ever so eloquently.  Last week, it was snowing and an exact week later I was wearing flip flops, had the windows open in my house and rode with the sunroof open.  I love it but make up your mind already Mother Nature because this recent bout of chilly air and rain does not make me happy.  But these, my friends, are pictures from my favorite day of the week (and I threw in a little meme in case y'all missed one). 

This week I had the privilege of being a guest over on X-Tremely V.  If you haven't checked out what I talked about or read her blog yet, mosey on over.  It's some really good stuff!  While I was searching through pictures to answer one of her questions about "Who I was in High School?" I found this gem.  I love playing tennis, although I haven't done it in ages. I still even have the racket in the picture below.  But what I love best about this photo, aside from the obvious of my high ponytail in an awesome scrunchie, bangs, push down socks and much leaner arms and legs, is my tennis skirt.  Looks like a normal skirt, right?  Wrong!  At the time, I was mortified to wear this skirt because instead of buying one that looked exactly like all the other girls on my team, my mother insisted on making mine.  Of course, me wanting to fit in and be like everyone else, I am almost certain I acted like a big brat and threw a tantrum.  But now, as I look back at it, I am so happy that I had such a crafty, hands-on momma who wanted to do such sweet things for me.  OK, back to admiring that amazing tan I had--geesh!  :) 

I love the smell of Gain laundry detergent.  Like, really love!  And when any new cleaning agent comes out in the smell of Gain (dish detergent, Febreze, etc), I must buy it.  So, it should be no surprise that my entire laundry cabinet is filled with Gain products from start to finish.  I still use liquid detergent when I am doing heavier items like my towels and sheets but I use Gain Flings (pods) for everything else. I really do believe the Gain Fireworks keeps my items smelling cleaner and fresher longer as well.  If you follow me on IG, you know that this week I had two laundry fails---on the same load.  I left them in the washer overnight---TWICE!  So believe me when I say that this product works wonders for forgetful people such as myself.   

OK gals, what are your favorites of the week?  Wherever you are, I hope that you start to see some signs of Spring and that you have a super fantastic weekend!


Jen Cowan said...

I have the Carrie Skirt! It's black and chiffon and amazing and I've never worn it. I bought it years ago at NY&CO when they had a special capsule collection and I swore I would be Carrie for Halloween. Have I? No. Maybe I should find it. Happy Friday!

Deena Simair said...

OOOOOO, love those chiffon skirts. Definitely going to check those out. Have a great weekend.

Megan said...

I really want a "carrie" skirt! I would love to wear one with a denim shirt!! :)

Jenny Morgan said...

I am so jelly Jen but yes, now you must wear it! I'll be expecting to see pics of it 😉. Have a great weekend!

Jenny Morgan said...

So cute, right?!? Maybe a little impractical but I will have one of these for this summer! Happy Friday!

Jenny Morgan said...

Omg! You totally read my mind! We really are LLBFF! Have a fantastic weekend!

Suzy said...

You are just the cutest!!! I am so glad the le dates have gone so well for you--GOOD LUCK!!

Jenny Morgan said...

Aww, thank you Suzy 😉. And thank you for reading! Happy Friday!