Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thinking Out Loud--Letter to my Younger Self

Hi Girls-

Happy Thursday y'all!  I'm so excited to be joining back up with Vanessa and Penny for a little Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  I hated that I missed linking up last week but I've not done very well in pre-planning my posts and work has been crazy for me these last few weeks. 

So, for today's Thinking Out Loud, I've been wanting to do this post for awhile and thought, well, today is no better than any other day.  I've had a few other blogger friends that have written a note to their younger self so that, my friends, is what I'm going to do today. 

First, let me introduce you to 16 year old Jenny.  She's a Junior in High School, thinks she knows pretty much everything there is to know about anything, is a risk taker, talks too much, doesn't filter much and thinks her parents hung the moon.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let the letter writing commence.

Dear Jenny,
I'm writing this to you from your much older self.  If I were to ask you what age you think old is, you would say your current age now at 36--soon to be 37 in about a month.  Stop thinking that this is old!  It isn't!!!  Believe me, the next 20 years will fly by and life will not go the way you think it is supposed to go.  But that's ok---just go with it! 

In about a year, your life will change dramatically and will never be the same.  Don't ever leave the house without telling Daddy and Momma that you love him.  Stop being a brat and throwing tantrums when you don't get your way--you are too old for this and it is very unbecoming for you.  Because of this dramatic experience that will occur, don't walk away from God---even though you don't understand what is happening and believe me it will get worse before it gets better, let him cradle you in His arms.  It will suck!  Life will suck for awhile but all of this will make you a stronger, more self reliant individual who will look at things a different way and attempt to make you not take simple things in life for granted.  Also, remember that your sister is doing everything she can to make life better for you--even if you think she is being overbearing and trying to take the place of momma and daddy.  She is only in her early 20's---this horrible experience happened to her too!

College will be over before you know it.  Enjoy it!  Get involved in things that take you out of your comfort zone.  Make friends with people you never thought you would like.  But don't lose contact with all the wonderful people you called friends in high school.  Some of these people will still be around when you are old (you know, 36). 

Don't compromise yourself or your beliefs when it comes to love.  People will come into your life over the next 10 years that you will think you can't live without.  You can!  Don't change yourself because someone doesn't like the way you are or the way you do things.  Also, don't go into a relationship thinking you can change someone.  They've had just as much time to make themselves who they are just like you have and if you go into a relationship thinking that you can make them something different, you are doomed for failure before you even get started.  Relationships are going to hurt but don't let bad things that happen jade your outlook on love.  I don't know when you will find the person that God has meant for you but remember that he will not leave or forsake you--even when you think that he's not there anymore.  And you will feel this way--more times than you want to admit!

Family and friends will be your backbone!  Let them help you when they offer.  They love you!  You don't have to be in control of everything.  I know, I know---this is how you operate and you think that everything has to go a certain way to be right.  But sometimes, it's okay to let go--even when it feels uncomfortable.  The people who are in your life in your 30's will be the ones who would give their life for you.  They really do love you unconditionally---let them! 

Money---don't open those credit cards in college for that free t-shirt.  It's really a dumb idea and you will spend your late 20's correcting the bad mistakes you made for that stupid t-shirt.  But it will make you better with money when you get older.  You don't have to keep up with the Joneses!

Career---wowza, this is a doozy!  Don't let your career dictate your life.  You will want to because it will keep you busy and give you immense satisfaction because you will be good at what you do.  But don't let it be all that you are--don't let it define your life.  You are more than your work and you can go just as far up the corporate ladder even if you let other things come into your life--such as relationships, kids, fun or life just in general. 

Your body!  Whew, this is a crazy one!  You are beautiful!  Don't ever forget that!  But also know that it's a lot easier to lose weight in your 20's than your 30's.  Don't take for granted the body that God gave you---he knew what he was doing and created you in his image.  He doesn't make mistakes but he does want you to care for it well.  Make exercise a part of your daily routine---believe me, you will thank me for this later.  In a couple of years, your hair will never look the same and you will not remember what color your natural color was unless you look at old pictures.  You will get gray hairs but don't fret---your wonderful colorist Melissa who you are friends with now in high school, will still be your friend and will keep you looking your best and your youngest.

And let's get back to your relationship with God.  Things are going to be rough at different points over the next 20 years.  It's ok--things are never going to be perfect.  But don't lose sight of your faith.  He is with you even when you don't feel like He is.  Get yourself involved in church--volunteer, meet other like minded people and tithe.  Don't ever feel like God will let you down---he won't!  Read your Bible, do your devotions, spend time in prayer--these are necessary in your relationship.  It gets easier but you have to make time for this--this should be a non-negotiable in your life.  You will thank me for this habit later!

OK, 16 year old Jenny---life is going to be hard at times but it is going to be great more times than you even recognize!  Remember to love hard, laugh often and live life to the fullest!  You have so much to look forward to and you are going to accomplish more things than you can imagine.  YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! 

I love you to the moon and back,
Your older, but much wiser self!

Come back tomorrow where I'm sharing my favorites of the week!


Megan said...

Ok, this post made me tear up! Isn't it amazing how at 16 we can only focus on that moment! There are so many things I wish I could back and tell myself! Great post my friend! You are awesome!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thank you my friend! Hindsight, right?!? Lol!

Michelle said...

Jenny, this was wonderful! Man, I'm afraid to go back to when I was 16. You wrote it well.

Vanessa Roberts said...

This is a great letter! Part of me would love to do this and the other part says no way! lol!

dsimair said...

Aw, this is brilliant. So many things that I could repeat to 16 yr old me...

Shelly Janac said...

Oh if we all had the chance to listen to our older, wiser self.....but would we? So glad I know all I know now and thankfully I can look back with no regrets as all the broken days have brought me to be the person I am now. You are beautiful!!

Kimm said...

I love this!!!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thank you so much Michelle for reading and for this response! I definitely don't want to be 16 again :)

Jenny Morgan said...

It was a little scary but I'm so glad I put it into words.

Jenny Morgan said...

Aww, thanks so much Dee! Girl, there are many more things I could repeat but I also know how stubborn I was and would never listen.

Jenny Morgan said...

So very true Shelly!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks Girl!