Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap...Beach, Doughnuts, Easter!

Hi Girls-

Happy Monday!  Ever come back from a vacation needing a vacation?!?  Well, that's just the way I'm feeling.  I need another couple of days to get back into the swing of things of what is already starting out to be a busy week. 

I had the most glorious Easter weekend!  I love the beach---it's the time I feel closest to God, to relaxation and to just being peaceful.  I got down early evening on Thursday and overall, we had perfect weather--a little chilly from the wind at times but I am definitely not complaining.  I have an amazing group of friends and it is always so much fun to get together with them and just chill--which is exactly what we did for 3 days.  And although I continued with my workout routine while I was down there, I ate A LOT!  Not going to get down on myself about it but I am in sweet and heavy food detox this week. 

If you follow me on IG, some of these might look familiar but I tried not to Overgram in anticipation of this post.

I am not a morning person at all but I forgot to cancel my Fitbit alarm for Friday morning and I was up with the roosters.  However, I am super happy that I got to take in this magnificent sunrise.  Is there anything better? 

This was during my walk on Friday morning.  I drew a smiley face around where my head is.  What's so silly is that I didn't post this on IG because I thought my shadow looked fat.  I know, that's just crazy! 
I don't remember what my sister was making but 3 of the 4 dogs were very attentive to her---in hopes that she would drop something at the end of her task.
This face here---I.CAN'T.EVEN!
Saturday morning was a little chillier than planned so we passed the time by playing cards.  This was my first time playing BS--which I am horrible at it because it involves lying and I don't have a very good poker face.

Saturday night dinner--YUMMO!
First dessert of the night--I swear there is frozen yogurt under that big pile of toppings!

My Putt Putt team---I lost BTW, like last place in both of our teams.  Oh Well!

And then it was time for 2nd dessert!  Boy, Putt Putt really works up your appetite!  LOL! 
I had talked about this before but I seriously would pay someone to stick by tongue under this waterfall of glaze goodness---like for reals!

Sunrise Easter Morning!  We always go to the Sunrise service on the beach at our camp ground.  It's one of my most favorite services of the year.  HE IS RISEN!

I can't take credit for this shot--my sister took it of the sunrise through the sand dune on Easter morning.  Isn't this gorgeous?

Our next door neighbors had a 1 year old 160lb English mastiff (still has 100 lbs to go).  Although I have little dogs, I would love to have a big dog like this to snuggle with---that is as long as somebody else pays for the monthly food costs and picks up after him--can you imagine? 

Easter doughnuts!  OK, I didn't eat both of these, just the egg one which was filled with chocolate crème.  However, before this, I had already eaten a plain glazed and a custard filled.  Oh my word!  My pants were not forgiving!

My girls are seasoned car riders--this is pretty much how they look the entire car ride home.

Nothing like being home :)

So excited to return home and see my tulips have finally popped up!
OK gals, that's all I have for my wrap up!  I can't wait to go back for Memorial Day!  I hope you all had a super fantastic Easter with your beautiful families!  I loved seeing all the lovely photos on IG!


Laura said...

Loved seeing all your IG pics, Jenny! I know you had an amazing time!

Lana L. said...

Let's see - the beach is my favorite place, I could mainline donuts, my poker face is awful, and I always come in last at putt putt golf. Yep, we were meant to be friends! What a wonderful Easter weekend you had. The beach at sunrise is glorious!

Megan said...

That beach picture on Easter morning...amazing!! There is nothing like the beach sunrise!!

Katie Mitchell said...

What Beautiful pics!! Glad you had such a great time!!! And those KK's...yum!!!! So Jealous!!

Jenny Morgan said...

Aww, thanks girl! And yes, the KK's were super fantastic! :)

Jenny Morgan said...

I know, I love it too!

Jenny Morgan said...

LOL Lana! I think you are right :)

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks Laura---it really was a great time!

Kimm said...

What a fun weekend! And k don't even think I could camp in a camper.