Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Whatchu Doing Wednesday...

Hi Girls-
Happy Wednesday!  You are halfway there and I don't know about you but I think every day has been a Monday for me.  I'm trying to be better about mindless complaining because I am so richly blessed but y'all this week has been trying my for reals!  I have a big meeting a week from today with a huge customer and all hands have been on deck for over a month now.  With that being said, I've had to endure 2-3 hour conference calls, late night phone conversations with my boss, change after change in presentations and hours of wondering the "what could go wrong?" during the meeting thoughts.  I am sooooo ready for April 30th I just can't even stand it. 

Fortunately, the weather has been the one positive over the last couple of days.  NC had been hit with day after day of rainy, cloudy or gloomy weather over the last week and it got me wondering if we were ever going to see the sunshine again.  But lo and behold, it came out and looks like it is planning on staying out for awhile. 

I couldn't really find a good meme for what I was looking to talk about today until I stumbled upon this beauty here---anyone else watch Diff'rent Strokes when they were little?  Funny story, one of my girlfriend's son just started watching this series a couple of months ago and he is totally convinced that it is a current TV show.  He's 6.  What I love about it is he keeps asking about new episodes and she's not quite sure what she's going to say when they've gone through them all.  He even says "Whatchu talkin' bout momma?"  It really is so funny!

Anywhoodle, I thought I'd give you gals a glance at what I've been up to this week. 
What I'm Eating this Week:
I have been jonesing for tomato soup everyday this week.  I'm thinking it's a vitamin deficiency or something.  I've made this a couple of times already.  My favorite is the Progesso Tomato Basil.  But other than that, my daily snacks have consisted of Skinny Girl popcorn, pistachios, cheese sticks and yogurt.  I am also obsessed with these Sargento Balanced Breaks---it's a perfectly portion trio of cheese, dried fruit and nuts for under 200 calories and 7 grams of protein. I'm also pretty excited for my new delivery of Hello Fresh meals this week.

What I'm Reading this Week:
OK, so the extent of my reading this week has been my new Woman's Day & Food Network magazine as well as my new Rodan + Fields Product Guide (just received my kit today so I'm sure y'all will hear more about this later).  I need to get a good book---any suggestions?  I need something light so nothing deep that requires a lot of thought and energy. 

What I'm Looking Forward to this Week:
Honestly, I'm looking forward to this week being over---not just the work week but the weekend too so that I can have my meeting next week and a ton of my stress will be alleviated.

What I'm Loving this Week: 
The kids came over on Monday and the littlest diva and I had a crazy face selfie sesh.  I love this kid and her energy and her spunk and her sassy attitude and well, everything about her.  Her face is pretty much the same in all the pics---I'm obviously practicing my facial exercises. 

What I'm Working on this Week:
I'm working on finalizing Le Guy's reveal post tomorrow and how we met, what I love most about him etc. and putting together some super fun Friday Favorites. 
What I'm Dreading:
Getting everything together for my big meeting next week and cleaning out my garage this weekend.  My garage is a total mess.  Unlike my house, which is pretty neat and tidy, my garage seems to be my catch all and I am super embarrassed by it at the present moment.  So, this weekend, Operation Garage commences and it will be in perfect working order by Monday.
What I'm Watching:
 Southern Charm, Scandal & The Love Boat.  Yep, you heard it right, how random and different these shows are.  But y'all---did you see Scandal last week?  Oh my word, say it ain't so...I can't wait to see how it picks up on Thursday.  Southern Charm is definitely my worst guilty pleasure outside of my Real Housewives of "Who Cares" addiction.  This week got a little saucy with ole T-Rav's Baby Mama Katherine partying it up like she's still a 23 year old.  Oh wait, she is a 23 year old and he hasn't "put a ring on it" so girl, live it up!  Guess we'll have to see what happens next week?  And The Love Boat---I'll be honest, I got stopped by it twice this week because it comes on after Beverly Hills, 90210.  And I watched both episodes in its entirety.  LOL, I am such an Isaac fan!


What I'm Annoyed by:
I'm annoyed by rude people.  And by rude, I mean just basic manners.  When did people stop saying please & thank you and holding the door for the person behind them or letting someone go in front of them when they have 82 items in the check out line at the grocery store and you only have a gallon of milk? 

What I'm Listening To this Week:
I am obsessed with the Bruno Mars & Bon Jovi channels on Pandora.  Did I mention that my cousin works for Pandora?  I'll admit, it makes me a little jelly.  I just imagine it being so much fun to work there---I kind've think of it like that Google movie that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were in.  Y'all know what I'm talking about?

Alright gals, that's What I'm Doing this Wednesday!  What do you have going on?  See you tomorrow as I link up with the awesome Vanessa over at X-Tremely V and Penny over at Penny's Passion for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  You should link up tomorrow if you haven't already


dsimair said...

So we named our son Willis. He gets that Different Strokes reference on the occasion and has no clue. Can't wait to show him that show

Megan said...

Eeeekkk!!! I can't wait for the Le Guy post!!!! Yay!!

Jenny Morgan said...

LOL Dee! That's awesome!

Jenny Morgan said...

I know---ironically enough, I'm actually a little nervous about it. I suppose that's normal because it's the first time I've ever written about a relationship on here. AHHHH!

Cara Zimmer said...

Good luck next week! I LOVED Different Strokes, was completely obsessed with it. I really wanted Willis to be my bf...I'm super curious about Rodan + Fields products, definitely do a post about it!

Jenny Morgan said...

I know exactly what you mean...I loved shows like this and they all had some life lesson at the end. And aww thanks, she is a rotten mess!

Jenny Morgan said...

First, thank you so much for reading and commenting Cara! And I appreciate the luck--I will definitely need it :) And yes girl, Diff'rent Strokes was the best!!!! And that's funny about Willis---see that's when I decided I wanted a Mrs. Garrett as my housekeeper LOL. I will definitely do a post about Rodan + Fields---it's my first go at it but one of my gal pal's totally recommended it to me and I've tried a gazillion products so I figured it couldn't hurt to give this one a go too :) Have a great day!

Lana L. said...

So now I want tomato soup! I need to find some reruns of The Love Boat because it just makes me happy. Your niece is so adorable. I totally know what you mean about wanting a work project/meeting over with. Hope it gets here soon!

Jenny Morgan said...

I had it again yesterday-lol! And it came on the TV Land channel here. She is a rotten little diva but I love her 😍. And yes, the 29th is the meeting so the 30th is calling my name.