Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites...Oooh, I Got Some Good Stuff Today!

Hi Girls-

Happy Friday!  OK, so technically, this is my Monday because I've been on vacation all week.  I am en route to Indianapolis but only for a day.  I'm already ready to be back home.

Super psyched to be linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for some Friday Favorites.  I have had a fantastic week catching up with some of my girlfriends over lunch, getting a few extra workouts in and taking naps.  Girls, I love me a good nap!  I totally wish I could incorporate that into my day everyday.

Anywhoodle, let's get to it!  Here are my favorites of the week.

Starbuck's Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  Oh, how I wish you would let go of your hold of me!  But for reals girl, if you haven't tried this yet, you have to.  Before August--because apparently, it is only a Limited Time offer {insert tears}.  This delicious beverage is so refreshing and just hits the spot and I've been fortunate because I've used a gift card everyday to support my new habit.  Bravo Starbuck's for getting me hooked on yet another item in your menu!

The Booty Buddy!  Thanks Noelle for helping me with the name ;) !   OK, stick with me on this one for a minute.  This was one of my most favorite birthday presents I received last weekend.  Picture it, pool time, 2015 (said in my best Sophia from the Golden Girls voice).  It's a hot day, you are laying out catching a few rays and need to cool off a bit.  But alas, you just had your color touched up and don't want to ruin your new do by diving head first into the pool decide to sit on the side and just dangle your legs in.  But you remember you have your new bathing suit on, that cost way more than you would tell anyone, and you don't want to pick the bottom by sitting on the concrete.  Girls, you know what I'm talking about, right?!?Yes, I know, you could sit on your towel but why do that when you have a super cute, reversible Booty Buddy.  I am absolutely in love with this new fandangled piece that I will be sure to have in my pool bag every time I visit.  My girlfriend got it from our local boutique but I'm sure you can find them by just googling it.

Sticking with the Summer time theme, the same girlfriend that got me the Booty Blanket also picked up this awesome gadget for my frequent beach trips.  I've seen versions of this before but none quite as cute as this and at my perfect height for my beach chair.  Stick this thing in the sand and all of my red solo cups or cute beer koozies will stay sand free.

OK, so time ran out on me to complete my 36 Things To Do The Year I Turn 36 list.  But I'm not going to fret and I'm still going to finish the remaining 15 items I have to do.  Some are much easier than others, like going to a movie alone or baking a soufflé. Some are harder, like going sky diving and getting a tattoo.  But y'all, I set out to do it and I will!  With that being said, my super awesome sister is trying to help me out and here's what two of her birthday presents to me were.  One of these gifts is milking a cow at a farm of one of her friends (yes, I know it's crazy but it's on my list because I always wanted to do it) and the other is attending a local cooking class (ok, so not as interesting as milking a cow, but still...LOL).

OK girls, those are my favorites for this week!  I hope you have a super fantastic weekend!  See you Monday for my weekend recap that will involve a little chicken petting!


Kimm said...

The target by my house has peach green tea lemonade year round here...fabulous right ;) have a great weekend

Jenny Morgan said...

Say what?!? That is great news to hear! Now I don't have to drink 4 a day to get me fill--lol!

Chelsea Williams said...

I love the booty blanket :) how cute is that!!! Happy Friday


Katie Mitchell said...

That Boooy Buddy is GENIUS!!!!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

IKR? I can't wait to use it!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks for reading Chelsea! I'll be sure to mosey on over to your blog as well :) And yes, I'm loving it as well.