Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap...Baseball, Boxing, Jesus & Wine

Hi Girls-

Could it actually be Monday again?  I swear the weekend flew by and I'm not sure where you are reading from but the weather here in NC could not have been any better.  I love this time of year when you are able to be outside until late--although the little gnats and upcoming mosquitos are going to be the death of me.  Ugh--hate bugs!  The pool in my neighborhood opened up yesterday and although it is waaaay too cold for me to get in, there were tons of kids swimming.  I was crazy busy all weekend but still managed to get in a little wine and nap time yesterday. 

Since my big meeting was finally over last week, I was able to play catch up on a number of household things like laundry and grocery shopping on Friday night.  I know--don't y'all be jealous of my exciting life!  :)  This was what I considered my big score.  I am obsessed with all things Gain scented.  Like seriously, I think it is an addiction!  My gal pal fellow blogger friend Shelly even found me a Gain scented car freshener and I adore it.  Anyway, I was mopping my kitchen floor at 11pm on Friday night just so I could use some of my new products.
I had my super fab Life Group gals over on Saturday morning.  And yes, I know I mention it every time I write about them on here but I so love these women and consider myself so blessed to have each and everyone of them a part of my life.  I may also have a few new readers from the group this week, so hey girls!

Anywhoodle, I woke up super early on Saturday and although I tried to get a few extra winks, I decided just to get up and enjoy some of the amazing weather that NC had to offer by sitting outside and drinking my coffee on my patio.  I really think I'm going to love sitting out here every morning. 
Pretty simple breakfast but it all hit the spot:  mini bagels with cream cheese, sausage balls, fruit and coffee cake!

Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to see another game for my friend Sakena's super cute son.  Baseball is my sport and I love watching these kids play my favorite pastime.  I am loving every single one of these photos below (and well as the other 148 pictures I took as well).  The ones with him smiling are my absolute favorites!  If they are having fun, that's really all that matters!


Saturday night, I got the invite to attend Fight Night over at my same girlfriends house.  Now even though I didn't even know who was boxing, nor did I care, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to hang out with my BFF, have a few cocktails and eat some awesome food.  So, that's just what I did! I also discovered a brand new drink that I will be partaking a lot more of:  Crown Royal Apple and Ginger Ale---I mean, really it is delicious! I also made my first cobbler of the season---I love when all the fresh fruit and berries are in season.  Blackberry Cobbler, recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman and it was fabulous!

 Sunday was a lazy day---as it should be!  After church, I came home and did a few work things along with watching a few great movies, including It's Complicated, and than found myself sitting outside enjoying a nice glass of wine in a mason jar.  Did you ever notice that everything tastes better in a mason jar?  Like no matter what it is!
May is a big month for me---outside of one of "my" kids graduating from high school, several of "my" kids birthdays and our annual Memorial Day beach trip, it is also my birthday as well.  I told my sister that I was choosing to not turn 37 this year because, well, I just didn't want to.  But yes, I know it's coming and that I should be thankful for another year that God has blessed me with but dang, just let me wallow in my own self-pity for a minute, ok?  My birthday is May 10th and unfortunately, this year it falls on Mother's Day which is a super hard day for me because it will be 18th year that I've not had my momma with me and it just seems to never be easy.  But with all that being said, my sister is choosing to honor me by posting a photo a day for the entire month of May of her "favorite" sister---she's my only sister :)  These were the last couple of days.  It's really fun to look at these and laugh.  I love the photo of me in the red and the caption my momma put on the picture---I still look like this when someone wakes me up from a nap.
 Alright y'all, I hope you have a super fantastic Monday!  What did you do this weekend?


Lana L. said...

We were truly separated at birth (well, except for the part where I'm eleven years older than you, but we'll ignore that for now) because my birthday is May 10th too!!!!!!!!! It's so funny how we're drawn to people and then as you find out more about them, it all makes sense! Have a great week!

Jenny Morgan said...

Oh my goodness Lana!!!! That is sooooo awesome! Yep, we are totally soul sisters!!!! And I totally agree about being drawn to people and yep, now it all makes sense! Happy Monday and Happy Birthday Week!

Shelly Janac said...

Love the throwback pics! Looks like you had a super busy weekend!

Mary María said...

Very cool! Have a wonderful tuesday sweetie!

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Megan said...

I love the throwback pics!! They are awesome!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thank you sweet girl!