Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites...Tampons, Fu Manchu's & Boobie Problems

Hi Girls-

I got a little sidetracked with blogging on account of being lazy and preparing for a work trip to CT next week.  But I have actually had a super week!  And when I ran across this meme, I thought it would be perfect way to sum out how I'm feeling for my Friday post.  I'm pretty blessed!

I'm linking up again today with Andrea, Erika and Narci for a little thing called Friday Favorites.  I love reading all the different blogs that link up.  It's so fun to see what everybody is writing about and making new blogger friends. 
So, let's get to it y' are my favorites of the week!

Abby & I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 on Wednesday.  I loved, loved, loved Pitch Perfect and have watched it about as much as most little girls have seen Frozen.  I was having kind of a blah day on account of having my period again (messed up on my birth control pills) and starting a new diet.  Not a good idea in the same week---y'all know what I'm talking about?!? 
Anywhoodle, this was the perfect pick me up and made my evening Aca-Mazing!  And I thought the movie was Aca-Awesome and I think I may have liked it better than the first one.  We went to the 9:30 showing and there weren't but 5 other people in the theater with us which made it even better.

In getting back into my exercise routine, I found this picture that summed up my personal struggles everyday with getting my fitness on.  If you can relate, you know how true this is?
I can't remember if I saw this on FB or IG this week but whoever thought of this is ingenious in my books!!!  I mean for reals!!!  You, my friend, are smarter than a 5th grader!
I had to pick up some wine this week at the grocery store.  Lo and behold, the 16 year old boy standing behind the counter asked for my ID.  Really?!?  Listen, I'll take it as a compliment after the T-Mobile guy asked me if I was Abby's momma when I took her there to have her phone replaced earlier in the week.  Anyway, I handed him my wallet because it's a pain in the rumpshaker to pull it out of the place and he giggled.  I immediately went in defense mode in my head thinking, "WTH, that picture is pretty good."  I got out to the car and was super self conscious and had to pull it out and look at it again for myself and well...y'all take a look for yourself.  I would have laughed too! 

Ok, I probably have mentioned on here before but patience is not a virtue that has been bestowed upon me.  Because of this patience issue, the majority of my shopping is done online so as to avoid having to wait my turn to check out standing in line.  I ran across this picture and my only thought was how brilliant these folks are in this waiting room.  I am totally going to try this the next time I have to go to the mall---who's with me?!?

OK y'all, that's all I have for today!  Come back next week where I am going to interview my sister over at Faith, Family and Friends which I was supposed to have done this week but forgot to send her the questions and getting more into the Single Life.

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie Cope said...

Your post title is hysterical! I literally LOL'd :D

Deena Simair said...

LOVED PP2...I can't wait until it comes on DVD and I can watch it repeatedly and annoy my husband.

Mama J said...

Your ID story cracked me up. I love it. And I want to go see PP2 so bad. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I love it when the theatres are empty. I wish our theatre had reclining seats! Have a great weekend!

JenCowan said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I can't wait to see PP2! The last movie I saw in the theater was The Mary Poppin's movie before I had H. That's sad. Really sad! Have a great weekend! :)

Shelly Janac said...

hahaha...your license pic...that's awesome!

Laura said...

OMG! I'm still laughing!! The tampon, the license picture, and the shoes 'standing' in line!! HELL-arious!!