Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let's Talk Tuesday...Ten Thoughts

Hi Girls-

Happy Tuesday....which means you made it through Monday so BRAVO!  HIGH FIVE!!!!

I had to do the biggest picture available for y'all to get the full effect!  You're Welcome!
I was struggling with what I wanted to write about today...the ideas just weren't coming to me for a deep, philosophical (because y'all know that's what I'm all about-LOL) Let's Talk Tuesday.  But then I remembered that my sister did something fun on her blog last week--yes, another shameless plug.  Hey, she's my sister but for reals, go check her out here.  Anywhoodle, she did a Ten Random Thoughts so that, my friends, is exactly what I'm going to do today.

Ten Random Thoughts...

  1. I wish my couch went all the way to the floor so it hid all the dust that accumulates underneath it.  It is so gross---I mean, how does that much dust accumulate under there?  Dusting is my least favorite chore ever. I would love to have a housekeeper just to come in and dust.
  2. My sweet intern/roomie/friend/awesome new gal pal Abby got a package in the mail from her momma yesterday and it included a bridal magazine.  Abby's and her beau have been discussing marriage and engagement and it is so sweet seeing the love that is so very obvious between them.  It almost makes me look at love from a not so cynical place---ALMOST! :)
  3. I worked out yesterday morning and came home and had a piece of pound cake.  Y'all it was sitting right next to my protein powder and it just won!  I have no excuses.
  4. I am sooooooo annoyed by FB drama!  I rarely post on FB, not for any particular reason, I just never really had the desire to post a lot.  But I love staying in touch with friends and what they have going on in their life.  But recently, I've found that folks are really using FB to air their dirty laundry or use it as a therapy session.  Some things are better left unsaid and not out on the world wide web.  If you wouldn't say it to somebody's face or in a gymnasium in front of a ton of people, then don't say it on FB.  And if you don't want people to ask what's wrong, then don't say something is wrong and then respond with, "I would rather not talk about it."  Sheesh, I mean for reals!  SMH!  OK, rant over!
  5. If you follow me on IG you probably saw this last night but I am so excited to read this book.  I saw this beautiful couple's video on FB last week and I cried and knew I just  I had to read more about story.  Check out the video here and get your tissues girls, you will need it!
  6. My sweet girls are celebrating their 13th birthday today!  If you are like, hmm, I didn't know she had kids, well you are right.  I'm talking about these precious divas.  Simone feels exactly like her momma does about turning another year older.  Ice cream later to celebrate!
  7. I am kind of excited about taking back a pair of shoes and a shirt to Target today because that means I get to pick out something else I want---and there's always something I want at Target.  Plus, they have a Starbuck's inside the store which means this girl gets to have a Peach Green Tea Lemonade. 
  8. I am dying to see Pitch Perfect 2 so Abby and I are planning a date to the move theater to check it out this week.  I loved Pitch Perfect and have watched it over and over and over!
  9. I get really disgusted when I empty out my Dyson vacuum canister.  I pride myself on keeping a clean house but I mean how can my floors and carpets be that gross?  UGH!
  10. After walking up the stairs in my house 854 times yesterday, I seriously considered ordering this.  Don't they look so happy?!?
OK gals, that's all I have for today!  Hope you enjoyed my Ten Thoughts on Tuesday :)  Have a great day!


Mama J said...

I want to go see Pitch Perfect 2 as well! I loved the first one. I also love that you worked out and then ate a piece of pound cake.....I may or may not have worked out yesterday and then eaten three lemon oreos. :)

Erica Flatt Stafford said...

True story....our church has one of those stair chairs that goes down to the fellowship room. It also doubles as "Santa's Sleigh" for the annual Kids' Christmas Party. It makes for a grand entrance. HAHAHA

Kimm said...

Ok I am with you on #7 and girl our house is three levels. Alls I do is walk up and down flights of stairs all day long. I need that chair lift

Jenny Morgan said...

That is awesome Erica!!! I totally would be riding that thing every chance I got!

Jenny Morgan said...

Wait, I lost my entire thought process after lemon OREOS, how did I not know these existed? NO Bueno! But yes, dieting has not been my friend lately! HA!

Jenny Morgan said...

IKR?!? Three levels, yeah, I would totally have one :)

Lana L. said...

Hahahaha - I laughed about #7. I think it's fun to return things because then I get to shop some more! Happy Birthday to your sweet doggies!