Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Sweetest of Birthday's Ever...

Hi Girls-

Happy Wednesday!  You made it halfway through the work week---great job!  Can I just say that my internet high five from yesterday's blog has got to be my most favorite picture that I may have ever posted?  I totally have it saved and will definitely use it again :)

The last couple of months have been filled with a ton of some of my closest friends' birthday's.  I have had party after party and a number of celebrations, including my own, honoring some of the greatest people I have ever known.  But today, I'm feeling a bit melancholy about a certain birthday that I can't be there to share with that special person.  This birthday is that of my Compassion Child, Charleny, who turns 6 today.  I first told y'all about this sweet, beautiful little girl here back in February and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of her life.  But my heart is heavy today, so heavy that as I write this I am crying because I can't be there to share it with her and to make sure that she feels special on this very day that she was born. 

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?  Can't you just feel the sassiness coming from her?  I just love it!

All the kids that are involved in my life know that they are special, especially on their birthday---whether it be a birthday party, dinner out to their favorite restaurant, tons of gifts, balloons, birthday cards, cake & ice cream or maybe an IG or FB collage put together by people that love them.  But does "my" girl know how much she is loved and prayed for by someone who is over 1300 miles away?  Does my girl know it is her birthday and that she should be celebrated for what an awesome kid she is?  Is someone singing to her?  Is she getting special attention today?  My heart just pains not knowing this. 

Charleny lives with her parents and has two siblings.  She likes to draw and play with her friends Deyelin and Emmariel.  Her favorite food is rice, beans and meat.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves to play with dolls---oh, what I wouldn't do to give her a big box full of baby dolls all clothed in pink dresses with lots of girly things.  I don't know what her home looks like but my mind is drawn back to the Compassion Experience walk through that I did right before I signed up to sponsor this beautiful child.  My heart was ripped out knowing that her home is likely a one room house with the barest of minimum things--things I take for granted everyday like a nice cushy bed and pillow, a fridge stocked with more things that I'll ever eat, electricity and running water. 

My prayer is that today she feels like a Princess---that she is doted on by her family and in her school.  I hope they make a fuss over her and she is told a million times over how beautiful she is and how loved she is.  I hope that she knows how God loves her and that he made her perfect in his image.  I hope she realizes that she can do anything she ever wants to do in her life and can become anything she wants to become.  I hope she knows that not only today, her 6th birthday, but that everyday she is AMAZING!

You are a beautiful child of God!  I wish you the happiest of birthday's from a place you've probably never even knew existed before me, North Carolina.  I hope you know how special you are and how important you are in my life.  I pray for you and your family each and everyday and I hope you feel God's arms wrapped around you protecting you from anything that may cause harm in your life.  I hope you know how much I love you and wish I could be there to celebrate your 6th birthday with you and to give you a big hug and kiss and sing Happy Birthday to you.  I think you are an AMAZING little girl and I hope that one day I will be able to meet you in person and tell you how much you mean to me.  I am so blessed that God picked me to be a part of your life!
Much Love Forever & Ever,

If you want more information about the Compassion International program, please check it out here.  There are so many children needing sponsorship from all around the globe that would love to have someone like you helping them.  It has already been such a blessing in my life!


Stephanie Cope said...

Oh what a sweet post! Made your sister tear up too! How awesome would it be to visit her one year at her birthday!