Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap...All Things White & Fun

Hi Girls-

Happy Monday!  I'm feeling optimistic this week---more of a glass is half full feeling thus my meme. 

I've got a busy week ahead of me work wise and am getting things prepped and planned for a business trip next week. 

I'm sitting here typing this on Sunday night relishing from a super busy but super fun weekend!  Like I say after every weekend, I need another couple of days to rest from my weekend.

I mentioned during my Friday Favorites that I was attending my first white party for a friend of mine's mother.  She had a "55 & Fabulous" and y'all, it was fabulous!  The weather was perfect and with the help of a DJ, dancing, fire pit & the most amazing fish fry I've been to in a long time I couldn't have asked for a better night. 
The Birthday Girl and her daughter, my BFF.  OMG, they could totally be sisters!

I'm not normally a dark liquor fan but this is my new Summer go to---it's Crown Apple and Ginger refreshing and so delicious!
Saturday, I woke up relatively early considering I had such a late Friday night and headed to the Farmer's Market where I did not take one single photo---ugh!  But I did pick up a delicious bushel of fresh peaches and some of the most delicious chicken salad I have ever eaten in my life.  After doing some housework, I decided it was definitely nap time and that's just what I did...for about 3 hours.  Ah, I love afternoon naps and really hate that I resisted them so much when I was little.  I also got a phone call from "The Cycler"---who is a new guy I'm talking to.  BTW, if you are keeping track, the "Accountant" is now out.  But "The Cycler' is pretty fun--more on him in a bit! 

I've had a lot of birthday's recently for all of my fantabulous friends!  Oh, how blessed am I to have such great girlfriends in my life!  Anywhoodle, Saturday night I attended a cookout for one of my bestest gal pals who turned "29" again.  Her husband made steaks and potatoes and oh my word, it was all incredible.  I was horrible with taking pictures this weekend.  I'll make a point to do much better this week.  I made Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler again and it was a hit---not a spoonful of it left.  Y'all, this is the 3rd time I've made this and it really is the best and easiest I've ever tried.  I'm a big cobbler fan especially with in-season fruit.  Check out her recipe here
This isn't a picture of mine but it looked just like this!  So easy to make!

Sunday was just as busy as the rest of the weekend up to that point.  I went to two church services because my old church was honoring their graduates and I had two special kids that I wanted to support but I also didn't want to miss my church service since we are in the middle of a series.  I know the pictures aren't great but I couldn't be more proud of these two.  I have watched them grow into the young adults they are and I am so blessed to be their Jenny.  #mycuprunnethover

Alright gals, here's the skinny on "The Cycler".  He is a super nice guy who lives about 10 minutes away from me so meeting up was so easy.  We met for lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant in town.  He is well rounded, smart, attractive and we had great conversation---I mean, we were together for 2.5 hours.  At lunch!  It was one of those times where we were there for so long the waitress just stopped coming out to see if we needed anything and there were no other patrons left on the patio.  By the time I had gotten home, he had sent me a text letting me know that he had a great time and looked forward to seeing me again. 

After my lunch date, I came home and changed into my PJ's to settle in for an afternoon on the couch.  I introduced Abby to Steel Magnolias---one of my most favorite movies ever.  She had lots of questions---I mean girlfriend is only 21 and she had never even heard of the movie.  I mean, "How does that even happen?"  So, it was close to dinnertime and I really didn't feel like making anything so I rifled through my bag for my gift card stash and we settled upon Olive Garden---even though I'd already gone to an Italian restaurant.  But...I only ate a salad at the first place (remember it was a date--LOL).  After gorging ourselves, and yes, I felt like we did and contemplated unbuttoning my pants in the restaurant (Abby will kill me but she actually did unbutton hers).  I mean, my oh my, those breadsticks are the devil!!!!  We managed to roll ourselves out to the car and back to my house to change back into our PJ's and settle in for a menagerie of old school TV including Family Feud and Full House. 

OK, gals that's all I have for today.  Come back this week as I have another full week planned with some good stuff including interviewing my sister :)  Y'all have a great day!


Kimm said...

Yay for a great weekend and long lunch dates;)

Susan Courson said...

LOVE PW's blackberry cobbler..........I made one a few weekends ago!

dsimair said...

Oh my, now I'm craving cobbler

Megan said...

WHAT????? She didn't know about Steel Magnolias?? I am so happy you introduced her to one of the movie staples in the south! ;)

Lana L. said...

Fun weekend!!! And now I want cobbler too.

Jenny Morgan said...

It was a great weekend and yes girl, check out the cobbler, so easy and so delicious!

Jenny Morgan said...

IKR?!? It's like a rite of passage or something isn't it? She was so funny because she said that she had a hard time following what was going on because there accents were "so Southern". Well, Bless her Heart ;)

Jenny Morgan said...

I'm still craving it and I made it several days ago---because it's so easy, I feel the need to make another one. Screw the diet!

Jenny Morgan said...

She's great isn't she! Definitely not a dieters friend but whatever ;)

Jenny Morgan said...

It was fantastic and the date was fun ;) No expectations, just letting it play out.