Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Recap...Cows and Horses and Prom, Oh My!

Hi Girls-

Happy Monday & Happy June!  Whew, did that weekend just fly right by or was it just me?  I was busy all weekend long so I definitely need another couple of days to rest---LOL.  Says the girl who only had a two day week last week because she was on vacation.  Hey, no judgment!

Anybody else feel this way this morning?!?

So, Friday night, I had a date---yes, that's right ladies, more on that later.  Dinner and a movie at home---BTW, if you haven't seen Noah with Russell Crowe, don't!  It was horrible.  I'm not sure if I was expecting it to be more biblical than Hollywood and that's why I thought it was super bad but between the rock creatures called "The Watchers" and an extra character that broke into the ark when the floods were released, I was completely thrown off.  I give it an F and I love Russell Crowe.

Saturday morning, I had my super awesome Life Group ladies for our last session before Summer break.  I, somehow, managed to not take one single picture but our breakfast was quite comical given my hormonal imbalance otherwise known as my period.  I crave carbs during that time and my ladies were subjected to bagels, muffins, hashbrown casserole, butter braids (which is a cinnamon pastry) and sausage balls.  Oh, and I threw in a little watermelon and berries for good measure.  Sorry girls! 

After the ladies left, Abbey (my new roomie) and I proceeded to spend the next 4 hours at the pool where I managed to get sunburned on the underside of my arms.  I mean for reals!  Before I get too far along, let me tell y'all about Abbey.  A little over a week ago, I received a call from my church asking for a "favor".  You know you can never say no to the church, it's like saying no to Jesus.  Or at least that how I feel.  But seriously, our church was hosting a summer intern from Liberty University and there was a glitch in her host home for the first few weeks she was here.  So, I graciously accepted having her come to my house and that's that.  I love her!  She is such a sweet girl, majoring in Worship in school and super talented.  I've even had my own concerts while listening to her practice in her room.  I will definitely miss her when she's gone (and really don't want her to leave) and that's so rare for me, especially because if you've been reading her for any length of time you know that I'm a control freak and like everything a certain way.  I believe God has definitely put Abbey in my life for a reason.  She had her first worship session at church yesterday and you better believe this momma bear took pictures of her.  She giggled when I told her that and said her mom would be so pleased to see pics.  So, let me introduce you to Abbey.  She's the little blonde to the right side of all the pictures on the guitar.

Saturday night was Prom for all of "my" sweet kids so I had to make the rounds in seeing them all spiffed up.  Please pardon my attire in these photos as I lost track of time at the pool and didn't have enough time to change.  Oh well, memories are memories, right? 
This stunner is my Lane and oh my goodness, she is absolutely gorgeous!  She is heading to Wingate in the Fall and based on the way she looked in this dress on Saturday night, I am sure she will be breaking hearts all over the place.  #mycuprunnethover
My Klay and his sweet girlfriend Lexi looked stunning for their Prom as well.  Again, my boy just turned 18 over a week ago, graduated from high school and was now attending his first prom with his girl at her school.  This Jenny's heart is about to burst!  #mycuprunnethover

And this is our obligatory "3 for Dale" picture!  We always take a photo like this when we are together and laugh and laugh and laugh. 
After prom pictures were taken, Klay's parents hosted a cookout and Abbey joined me to meet some more of my best buds and eat some good grub.  Abbey and I also came home that night and watched Left Behind with Nicolas Cage.  Jury is still out on this one.

After a good night's sleep, I was up for church and then headed off for a busy day at the dairy farm.  Why you say?  Well, I've been working on this list for a while now and although I am technically outside of my completion period, I am still committed to finishing everything I had originally planned.  And one of those was milking a cow!  If you follow me on IG (nc30grits) you saw my teaser yesterday with a baby cow, who actually had just been born yesterday.  Our tour guide told us that baby calves weigh anywhere between 50-100 lbs---oh those poor momma moo's.  We had such a good time from milking cows to playing with 2 week old baby goats to riding horses to petting pigs and getting accosted by a calf (pictures below).  Enjoy!

This girl loved being out on the farm and said she was going to tell her momma she wanted a horse when she got home.  You are welcome Deven!
 These two babies were just born yesterday! 

I'm not going to lie--I was terrified of getting pooped on.  I didn't but I definitely wanted to get the milking done as quickly as possible.

Yes, that face is saying "You want me to do what now?"


K wasn't quite so sure about Wilbur

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home.

As you can see, I made fast friends with this baby---he was quite aggressive.  I felt a little violated ;)

And I've decided I must get me a baby goat!


Thanks so much to all the people at Stephenson's Dairy Farm for allowing us to come hang out with them!  So much fun!

We ended up our drive home with a quick dinner at Wendy's---my goodness, when did they get so big?
 And nothing says a good time like being slumped over asleep in the car on the way home!  Great day!

OK girls, that was my weekend!  What did y'all do?  Come back tomorrow for "Let's Talk Tuesday" where I'm talking about getting back into the swing of things with dating.  Have a great day!


Deena Simair said...

Your goat pictures were cracking me up this weekend. Happy Monday!

Stephanie Cope said...

Yay! One more item off the list! I am so glad that the girls got to enjoy it too! Now to get your cooking class scheduled!

Laura said...

I'm a carb queen so I'd be right in there with your Bible study group! Do you remember Tim McGraw's
song, "Gettin' Down On The Farm"? Whell! That is ALL YOU, Jenny!!

Jenny Morgan said...

LOL! Yes on the carbs--I literally couldn't get enough of them over the weekend and my shorts and reminding me of that this morning :) And totally yes on the song---that may be my new go to karaoke :) Happy Monday! It really was a lot of fun!

Jenny Morgan said...

One more thing---I really need to go back to the list because I need your help on making the pillow too. And I'll take a look at the cooking class next.

Jenny Morgan said...

LOL--well, after looking back at the one I posted on IG, that poor little goat looks scared out of his mind :) But it was still super cute and I'm convinced that I need one in the mix with my dogs. Happy Monday!

Vanessa Roberts said...

I can walk near animals, but touching them, milking them, etc. Oh my! You are one brave girl! Can't wait to read more about your dating escapades! :)

Mama J said...

Way to milk that cow! I have never done that before. I can't wait to read tomorrow!

Megan said...

Cracking up over you milking the cow!!! WOW!! I am not sure I could do it! ;) and yes for the swim suit and cover up!

Jenny Morgan said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure I would be able to do it either---not necessarily because of the cow but the smell was almost unbearable. Ugh!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

That's right girl---it was crazy time!

Jenny Morgan said...

One more thing off the list--and I wasn't sure I could do it either! Swim suit---yeah whatever...I'm wearing a mumu now :)