Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap...Dates, Snakes & Overeating, Oh My!

Hi Girls-

Happy Monday Y'all!  What a quick weekend and yes I know, I say that every Monday but my laziness went into overdrive and I didn't get a whole lot accomplished.  BUT...the best thing about this week is that I start my 10 day vacation at the beach this Friday and that, my friends, is something that makes me want to take this week head on. 

I had to use this meme because I spent most of my weekend watching Lifetime & Hallmark channel movies and they were advertising Christmas in July movies starting this weekend. 
OK, so let's get into what I had going on. 

As I explained last week about my "no Bueno" date on Wednesday, I had another first date on Friday.  Well girls, although it didn't turn out exactly the same way as the date from earlier in the week, it was all sorts of bad for other reasons.  Um, check please?  Well, fast forward to Sunday and I had another first date planned.  Girls, let's just say I learned two things from this past week's dating adventures...1) This really does wonders for the topics that I can write about here on the blog--be sure to come back tomorrow for my "Tuesday Thoughts--10 Things NOT to do on a first date" and 2) I am now taking at least a two week sabbatical from  I'm just tired and frustrated with the whole process.  I know what y'all are thinking, "Rome wasn't built in a day" but girls, I am 37 and have done a lot of dating in my years and I know God has a plan but I just need to pray for him to give me the patience to wait on that plan.  Easier said than done, right single gals?

Highlight of my Friday was that because the date was over super early I was able to have dinner with one of my favorite gal pals, who gave me my new awesome Jeep tank, and her sorority BIG that I haven't seen in about 4 years.  Mexican food always makes everything better!  Bring on the chips & salsa!

Saturday, I stayed in my pj's ALL DAY LONG!  I mean, really I did!  I only changed into a different set of pj's because I ordered Chinese food and didn't want the delivery guy to think I was cray-cray because of how disheveled I looked.  I also spent all day watching Lifetime movies.  Why is it that most (I won't say all because every now and then, Lifetime will have a male villain) but the majority of the time, the villain is some deranged woman who was scorned by a past lover or her father or some friend in high school that bullied her and it always stars Heather Locklear, Meredith Baxter Burney or Judith Light?  I know you are thinking the same thing!  But I was sucked in all day with movie after movie of some crazy female seeking revenge---and I kind of liked it.  It really was a great day although I didn't accomplish not one single thing that I had planned to take care of.

Side bar, my diet plan has not been going well.  I'm a stress eater and I've just felt completely out of control with what goes in my mouth lately.  I saw this on IG this past week and had to save it because it is EXACTLY how I feel.  Anyone else feel this way?
Sunday was a typical day for me other than the date fiasco:  church, lunch, etc.  However, I didn't realize that I had run out of dog food until one of my fur-babies was lying on my face and I heard her tummy growl. 
So, off I went to Petco to pick up some food and I got sidetracked by this sight.  If you follow me on IG (nc30grits), you've already seen this photo but this guy was just walking around the store with this thing wrapped around his neck acting completely normal.  Hmmmm.  We were checking out at the same time and his car was parked right across from mine and for a brief second, I considered asking if I could hold it to take a picture---simply for Instagram & blogging purposes only---but then I chickened out and figured a picture from the safety of my own car would work just as well.  I overheard him talking to his buddy saying "We probably can't take it into Ross's with us."  Let me think about that...uh, no!!! 
While out picking up dog food, I felt the draw of the Old Navy 60% off entire store signage in the window and went to check out what was left.  I ended up picking up a couple of tank tops and these linen shorts in lavender.  I love linen!  Subsequently, I came home and found additional colors online.  They were only $8 and I had gift cards from my birthday that I was able to use.

OK girls, that's all I have---I know, not exactly setting the world on fire but not every weekend can be crazy excitement.  Be sure to come back tomorrow where I give you more insight on the craziness that has been my dating life.


Deena Simair said...

Ugh- I'm a stress or anger eater too. Sometimes I just go to bed early to keep away from the danger zone, aka, kitchen.

Megan said...

I am right there with you on the stress eating!! I totally get it! and the guy with the snake????? thats a negative ghost rider!

Katie Mitchell said...

Ummm YES!! We would totally be the best of friends!! Staying in PJ's and watching Lifetime Movies all day!!! YUP YUP...I do that too!! :) And is it not just the best day or what??

Lana L. said...

I love that you stayed in your pj's and watched movies on Saturday. Everybody needs that kind of day now and again. And the snake guy....just no. Have a great week!

Jenny Morgan said...

Girl, I do that too...only to find myself up at 3am with a spoonful of Cookie Butter & Milk. What?!?

Jenny Morgan said...

Negative ghost rider---LOL! I totally laughed out loud with that! Love it and love you :)

Jenny Morgan said...

It is the life! Could I do that if I were not single? Hmm...maybe not :)

Jenny Morgan said...

You are so right Lana! And yes girl on the snake---was that not crazy?!?