Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap...oh and Everything I did last week too!

Hi Girls-

Happy Monday! Yes, I know it's been a week since you heard from me and I'm sorry about that.  I traveled for the first time in a while and if you follow me on IG, you know that the trip didn't go exactly as planned so today I'm going to catch you up on all this past week, all last week and the weekend prior.  Because, well, this is my blog and I can do that :)

HA!  I'm trying not to feel this way but man, do weekends fly by?
OK, where do I even begin?  Let's go back to last weekend...

Friday night was a night on my own.  I ended up watching romance movies "The Holiday" and "Leap Year" while drinking green tree, snuggled up on the couch with my girls.  I also made a delicious pita pizza with sun-dried tomato basil chicken sausage and fresh basil sprinkled on top.  It was amaze-balls!  It also kept me within the confines of "Operation It's Not to Late to Get into your swimsuit".  I'll admit that I was pretty content as there's been quite a bit of drama in the dating scene lately.    More on that to come.

I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible case of the sniffles.  Call it Summer allergies if you will but it was one of those kind of runny noses that I couldn't even tilt my head over without wetting my face.  Gross, yes I know but I'm keeping it real.  Anyways, as a result of said nose runs, I ended up doing this for most of the day.  Hot, right? 
Saturday night, I had the little ones while my girlfriend and her hubby had date night.  We grilled out (and I didn't take one single photo) but I made hot dogs, burgers and corn for the kids and Abby while I made teriyaki shrimp with asparagus and baby potatoes for myself.  After dinner and getting the girls bathed (the boy fell asleep on the couch at 8) and in their pj's, I decided to clean up myself and came out to hear a concert in the other room.  As I walked out, this is what I found---be still my heart.  #mycuprunnethover  I can't even tell y'all how blessed I am to have Abby in my home.  God put her here for a reason and the kids just love her to pieces.  She is so patient and musically inclined and the kids thought it was awesome when she pulled out her little guitar (ukulele) that was perfect for their little hands.  I will certainly miss her when she goes back to school in August so I am making sure to cherish every single moment that I have with her until then.

Speaking of Abby, Sunday was her first time leading a song during worship and this "Host Momma" had to get pictures of her.  She did a super fantastic job and I couldn't be more proud.  I was also able to meet her wonderful parents who are just as awesome as she is. 
OK, now we are getting into last week where I had full intentions of blogging but due to my poor planning I just didn't get it done.  If you are new here, I am in sales and travel for my job.  A lot during certain times of the year but this is my slow season so I hadn't traveled in about 6 weeks.  To be honest, I was getting a little stir crazy so I took a trip up to my corporate office in CT for a few days to dust off my cobwebs.  My morning started out pretty well---I didn't experience traffic, got to the airport early enough to grab my Vanilla Ice coffee and sit in a rocking chair (the best thing about the Charlotte airport) to prepare myself for my flight.
Now let me back up one step.  Here's some of the drama in the current dating scene.  Again, if you are new here, I am a single gal looking for my Mr. Right.  In doing that, I've found myself back in the online dating world of I received an email from a guy commenting on one of my posted photos.  After reading his profile, I was intrigued enough to respond and we had a few back and forth emails through the site before he asked me for my number.  Which I gave him.  After a few texts, it was getting late and that was that.  Fast forward to Monday morning, I received a text from him at 6:45 saying "Good Morning".  OK, first of all, if I hadn't already been up I would have been pissed that he was texting me that early but because I was traveling it was no biggie.  I responded with "Hi" and that was it.  Heading to the airport I get another text asking for a pic.  OK, if you've ever been on a dating site, you know pictures are a big part of it--essentially it's like shopping for a mate.  I have 15 pictures of me with my profile.  15!!!  Now maybe I was quick to judge but I automatically had a gut feeling that this guy was not genuine because we hadn't even had a voice conversation yet and he's asking for pictures.  For reals?  So, I politely responded saying as such.  Y'all, his response is classic!  I have been called lots of names in my history of dating or actually just in general but this is the first time I've been called "this" name.  EVER!  Plus, if I'm being honest I was also laughing because he is obviously grammatically challenged by not using the proper use of "you're" in his dramatic exit.  I simply said "Thanks"!  And that was it!  But thanks Chris for letting me know you, sir, are a douchebag, before I wasted any time on your sorry butt!


OK, back to my travel.  If you follow me on IG (nc30grits), you know this is where the hijinks began.  We were about 30 minutes late for departure on a flight that is only supposed to be an hour and a half.  OK, I can deal with this delay because I was in 1F on a small plane and had enough room to not complain.
That is until our pilot comes on at the time that we are needing to land saying that we are delayed because of weather and because the ILS system was not working (which is the light systems on the runway that guides the plane in) so we would have to circle around until it is cleared up and the airport gets back to running properly.  Well, this turned into another debacle as now we were low on fuel so we were diverted to another airport in NY close by to refuel until we could get back in the air.  Unfortunately, after we landed and got the fuel we needed, we sat on the tarmac.  And we sat.  And we sat some more.  Two and a half hours later they opened the doors for us to get some air circulating.  Good news is that it wasn't 100 degrees like it was in NC.  Another hour later, they had to let us off the plane to avoid fines.  Flight still wasn't cancelled but they said, they had no idea when it would leave.  Not very encouraging!
Anyway, I happened to overhear some folks talking about taking a chauffeured SUV to the other airport to get their cars and they needed a 6th rider.  I would have rented a car but they wouldn't let me return it to another airport without it costing me $600.  I mean for reals!!!  Such a racket!  Again, if you follow me on IG, you've already seen this picture but here's a picture of me and my 5 new best friends making the trek to West Chester airport in White Plains, NY. 
As y'all might know, I am a super talkative person who hates awkward silence so I felt the need to keep the conversation going asking whatever questions I could think of to make the trip as short as possible.  The guy on the left is a car salesman, the girl in the middle is the Post Master in the town she lives in, the lady in the back is retired and the young man in the back is a fresh out of college sales kid (22) who had just started his first job two weeks ago.  I saved the best for last which is the guy on the right---he's a psychotherapist!  I honestly don't think he wanted to tell us what he did for fear of all the questions we may ask and boy, was he right?!?  Of course, I asked the obvious questions of "What's wrong with me?, Why am I still single?", etc.  He laughed and laughed and I said I was serious.  Honestly y'all, it was such a fun trip and he insisted the car was like a one on one and there were client/doctor privileges and said I couldn't discuss more.  :)

Fast forward and the drive is finally over.  I bid farewell to my new BFF's and finally hop in my rental and these songs come on.  Hello silver lining to my horrible travel day!
Topped off my evening with some delicious cuisine and a tasty beer.  All was now well with the world!  
The next few days were a blur other than the fact that I was dressed before noon and realized that yellow is now my signature color (thanks Laura my super chic, yellow wearing gal pal).  I know you can't see the whole shirt but I took an impromptu trip to the mall because I somehow managed to lose my lipstick in my crazy travel day and mosied into NY & Company and picked up this red halter top.  I love it!

That brings us to the weekend...which was pretty simple and HOT!!!  Y'all, NC is just yuck right now.  Don't get me wrong, I love my state but Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick when we've had 100 degree weather for a full week in a row with no end in sight.  And that's before July and August even hit!  I took it easy Friday night, did some shopping at Charming Charlie's for some new jewels on Saturday morning and a graduation party Saturday night and church along with a little pool time on Sunday.  Pretty basic but I got in a lot of rest time.  Oh and did I mention that I am now in love with Cookie Butter.  I picked this gem up at Trader Joe's when I went last week and although I ate it with apples, I totally could have just used my spoon. 

OK gals, it's Monday---let's do this!  I'll be here all week!


Kimm said...

What's. Fun eventful week and you look so good in yellow!!!

Deena Simair said...

Major red flags on that dude, especially with his 'your' mess up.

JenCowan said...

Oh lawd - that guy is on a one way ticket to HOT MESS EXPRESS! Glad you dodged that bullet! :)

Megan said...

GIRL!!!! I am cracking up! First .....the monday picture!! It took me a few minutes to make it past this because I could not stop laughing! Hysterical and hideous! :) Second.....that guy is a douchebag....glad you found that out quick! Third... I love that you got the low down on all your friends in the car! That is so me..I hate awkward silence, like really hate it! and last....Cookie Butter= AMAZING!!! I had it on a mini bagel last night! Yummo!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thank you girl and yes, it was busy! But fun!

Jenny Morgan said...

Thanks girlie---sometimes when I stop, I find it so hard to get back into the swing of things. And yes, I couldn't let him get the last word in---I mean, for reals! And I did ask a lot of questions, I am pretty sure that he was happy it wasn't too long of a ride. LOL!

Jenny Morgan said...

Girl, I know it and even if he hadn't called me a name, the 'your' would have been it for him anyway. :)

Jenny Morgan said...

#TRUTH girl, yes!!!!

Jenny Morgan said...

It was crazy but so much fun! And thank you, I definitely will be adding it to my staples now.

Jenny Morgan said...

Glad I could help you get some giggles in this morning! And oh yes, no one was safe with me in the car---I'm sure they were thinking, "Hmm, did we really need a 6th rider". LOL! And yes, Cookie Butter=AMAZEBALLS but I'm trying to only eat it in moderation and when I accompany it with fruit or celery which is actually surprisingly good with it. Have a great Tuesday!