Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Update to my "To Do" List

Hey Y'all-

Happy Wednesday! 

So, in January of 2014, I made a list of things I wanted to complete the year I turned 36.  It was a list of randomness that I've always wanted to do or thought about doing or thought would be really cool to do.  I had read some other blogs who had done something similar before they turned 30 and thought it was a great idea.  Well, did I mention I turned 37 this past May and there are still a few things left to do?  OK, so yes, I admit that I am a bit behind but hey, at least I'm still working to complete it instead of abandoning it altogether.  You can check out the original list here and see all of the things that I have done but below are the items I still have left to do.  Now that I've reposted them, they all seem pretty easy to complete (well, with the exception of the skydiving) but I've just been dragging my feet.  And I'm really not a procrastinator.

3.  Have a dinner party for 5 of my friends that mean the world to me
8.  Take a cooking class (My sister gave me this for my birthday but I have yet to take it)
9.  Get professional photographs done of just me---well, and maybe my dogs :)
14.  Bake a souffle
17.  Buy a last minute flight to somewhere for the weekend
21.  Make a pillow (with a sewing machine)
22.  Send (now 2) gifts to friends without them knowing who it is from
26.  Write a letter to someone you love (a real letter with real stationary and a real pen)
27.  Give blood (terrified of needles)
28.  Go to a movie alone
32.  Toss out all my granny panties I have acquired throughout the year and replace them with pretty panties
33.  Get a tattoo (I already know what I'm going to get, I just have to muster up the courage and go do it)
35.  Shoot a bow and arrow and actually hit a target
36.  Sky dive (this is a doozy, I'm hoping I can work up the nerve to actually do this)

The most recent item I checked off is doing the zip-line course at the White Water Center in Charlotte.  Y'all, if you live close to Charlotte, this is such a fun place to go to---you can hike, white water raft, do the ropes course, zip-line, kayak, stand up paddle and so much more.  There's a great restaurant onsite and every Thursday and Saturday there's a band that comes in. 

Anywhoodle, Abbey and I spent the day there while she was here back in July and had so much fun.  As a matter of fact, we went back again and ate at their restaurant a couple of weeks later.  So, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures of me actually zip-lining because neither of us had our phones with us because we were doing water sports and other things and it wasn't conducive to have our phones with us but Abbey will vouch for me that I did it.  It was a lot of fun but this was the one part of the Summer that I realized how much of a beanpole Abbey was compared to me.  We both left the launch pad at the same time but I was already halfway down the tour when I looked up to see her.  LOL!  I'm not scared of heights but I'll be honest, taking that first step off the tower where I was only hanging on by some rope and a couple of metal grips dangling over concrete and a manmade white water rafting river did cause a few heart palpitations.  But I lived to tell about it and it really was a ton of fun!  Because we didn't have our phones with us for most of the day, here are the few pics we were able to capture of us there.

A huge rainstorm came in and shut down nearly everything at the center so we elected to eat lunch in the car.

And this is how we felt after it was still raining for what felt like forever.

In front of the boat launch...

The most delicious pimento cheese dip served with warm pita bread...oh my mouth is watering thinking about it.  I'll go back to the restaurant just for this.

View from our table for dinner.

Alright girls, my goal is to complete the remainder on this list prior to the end of the year...well, maybe all but the skydiving.  I don't know if I can muster up the courage to do it in the next couple of weeks and I definitely don't want to do it when it gets cold in NC either. 

Y'all have a fabulous Wednesday and come back tomorrow when I'm sharing why I'm taking a break from dating...again.