Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites....

Hey Girls,

Happy Friday!  What a crazy, busy week it has least for me!  Hope y'all had a super fab week and have lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend. 

I love this meme!  OK, yes I know, I work from home and yes I know that I remain in my PJ's all day for more days than I care to admit.  But y'all get the gist---the feeling is still the same!

I'm linking up again today with Andrea, Erika and Narci for a little thing called Friday Favorites.  I love reading all the different blogs that link up.  It's so fun to see what everybody is writing about and making new blogger friends. 

OK gals, let's get right to are my favorites of the week!

Urban Decay Naked Basics.  OK, I am in love with this little mini.  I've been using Naked eyeshadows for, well, forever it seems but I always run into one issue.  I always run out of the base colors first leaving a very sad, empty hole in my beautiful container.  I know, #firstworldproblems.  Well, when I went to pick up some of my favorite Lipstick Queen lipstick, Float, at Ulta last week, I saw this beauty and knew that she needed a place in my life.  Plus, because I travel so often, it is perfect for my travel makeup bag. 
I love to clean.  I love the smell of bleach.  I love a new cleaning gadget.  I love microfiber.  But most of all I love my Dyson vacuum.  I've had it for a couple of year now and don't know how I managed to live without it in the past.  This is the one I have.  I don't think this model is available anymore but there are ones that replaced it.  I purchased mine from QVC but I know they are available in lots of different places.  Anywhoodle, I only have carpet upstairs in my house so downstairs I primarily sweep, mop, etc on my hardwood.  I do use my Dyson down there too but it's kind of a pain to lug up and down the steps.  My dogs are the non-shedding kind but my cat leaves enough hair around to make another cat so I'm really conscious of cleaning up after her, especially on the couch.  Now here's where my exciting news comes in.  If you follow me on IG (nc30grits) you already saw this but I am super excited about the new edition to my cleaning family.  Drumroll please...welcome the Dyson DC59 Cordless Vacuum.  If it could be as easy for me to love a man as I do this vacuum, I would be married by now ;)  OK, but seriously, this thing is the best ever.  I purchased this one from QVC as well.  It was a great deal and included all the attachments you see below.  You can check out the deal here.  And just so you know, I priced this around and this was by far the best price with the most attachments.  Y'all, let me tell you that this thing is changing my life.  I now don't have to lug my vacuum downstairs and the sucking power on this thing is just as good as my upright.  I'm embarrassed to admit this but hey, we're all friends around here, right?!?  I hadn't vacuumed my stairs in over a year and it was gross...I mean seriously gross what this little piece of heaven in a vacuum got up for me.  I give it 5 stars!  And highly recommend you pick one up if you are looking for something to do smaller jobs around your house.  The only cons I've heard about it, although I've not experienced it myself yet, is that the battery power runs out pretty quickly.  I'll keep y'all updated.

OK y'all, I know you've been hearing about my Abbey for awhile now and I've posted pictures here and on IG (nc30grits) of she and I.  Well, our time has come to an end and Abbey will be leaving to go back to school at Liberty University this Sunday.  To say I am completely heartbroken of her leaving would be an understatement.  I am going to miss that girl like crazy and I don't think I'm going to like it being all quiet around my house again.  Now I'm not going to get all crazy and get a roommate or anything like that but I am genuinely going to miss having her in my home.  She has enriched my life in more ways than she will ever know.  I'm going to do a post on her next week but this is something she wrote for me last week at her cookout.  This girl makes me laugh!

BTW, as a side note, I love doing this on my picture frames.  I just put burlap fabric where the picture would go and you can write on the glass with a sharpie...just a regular 'ole sharpie.  Wet paper towel gets it off and you can write something different.  I do this all year round with Bible verses or holiday sayings, etc. 
Pound Cake.  Need I really say more?  OK, I about Paula Deen's Grandma's Sour Cream Pound Cake?  If you are like me, my sweet tooth is already producing too much saliva to stay in my mouth but I made this for Abbey's party last weekend and have munched on it all week.  I'll have you know that I also sent half of it home with a girlfriend of mine so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the whole thing on my own.  Now mine didn't look nearly this pretty but I'm positive that it tasted as good.  Word to the wise, I've made this pound cake probably a dozen or more times.  Make sure you don't overbeat your batter as it will make it kind of tough.  I'd still eat it but just wanted y'all to know.
Y'all, I saw this on FB yesterday and it was called '50 Embarrassng Beauty Trends from the Past'.  I am certain that the person who put these together is a child born after the 90's because these all seem fantastic to me.  I mean if you weren't down with sweatbands (or Cher for that matter), big hair, side ponytails and geometric sweaters and scrunchies...well, I'm not certain we can still be friends.  Just kidding, but for reals y'all, I loved all these looks and participated in every single one of them.  So, Good Housekeeping, I think you need to get a more seasoned and obviously, more fashion conscious, researcher for this type of project.  Good Day!

Alright gals, those are my favorites of the week!  Come back next week for my recap, why I'm taking a break from dating, a whole post about my Dear Abbey and a whole bunch of randomness that I'm sure will make for some good reading!  Have a great weekend y'all!


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