Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's Talk Tuesday...Ten Thoughts On Absolutely Nothing!

Hey Girls!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!  I arrived safely in CT yesterday at my corporate office.  I feel so lame when I go into my headquarters because I immediately feel overwhelmingly tired as soon as I walk in the door.  Mind you, I travel a lot but working from home has definitely provided me with working at my leisure---in pajamas :)

Before I get into my Ten Thoughts today, I had to share a funny story with y'all that occurred while I was taking an unplanned blogging break.  And also why in my daily photo I posted yesterday on IG (nc30grits), I noted that "at least I was traveling to the right airport".  OK, so here's the skinny.  I have a customer in Ft. Wayne, IN.  This same customer has shows 2 times a year in Indianapolis.  Well, I had a scheduled meeting with said customer in Ft. Wayne and apparently was suffering from temporary brain loss when I booked my flight because I flew into Indianapolis...which is about 2.5 southwest of Ft. Wayne.  OK, funny part is that I didn't even realize I had flown into the airport until I got in the cab and gave him the address of my hotel.  He said "Are you sure that's the addresss?"  Me:  "Of course, it's like 5 minutes from the airport.".  Him: "Um, ma'am, you are 2.5 hours from Ft. Wayne."  Me: Finally dawning on me what I had done responded "Hmm, well, I guess you better take me back to the airport."  Fortunately because I travel so much, I seldom freak out when I get lost or something of the sorts.  I felt more stupid than anything and after being told that all the one-way rental cars were booked (You guys suck, BTW), I hopped on board the Hoosier Shuttle with 3 college students and made the trek to Ft. Wayne.  I've been traveling for my job for 15 years and I've NEVER made this mistake before---EVER!  My boss totally got a good laugh out of it and told me that he would never let me live it down.  Oh well, these things happen!
Alright gals, let's get into my Ten Thoughts today! 
  1. I always feel so gross when I fly and can't wait to get my "airplane funk" off of me.  I know I'm not the only one that thinks this but recycled air in a tin can just brings out the germophobe in me.
  2. I never hang up my towels when I'm staying at a hotel.  As a matter of fact, I always laugh when I read the sign that talks about conserving water as I'm throwing my towel on the floor.  Then I feel bad and think the cleaning staff judges me.  But I still leave my towels on the floor the next day.
  3. I am so excited that Bath & Body Works has all their Fall smell goods out.  I am so ready for Fall.  I am a lover of all things pumpkin related.  And I can't wait for NC to not feel like a sauna anymore.
  4. I just got done reading a book that I was super pumped about until the last chapter that gave instructions on "next steps".  It is causing me a ton of anxiety.  More on this later.
  5. I lost part of my toenail last week. Not sure what caused it but at least half of it is still remaining.  Y'all know I have a foot thing but at least it doesn't look all gross and gnarly and with toe nail polish, no one knows the wiser.
  6. I wish I could play an instrument---like the fiddle.  But I have no desire to take the time to learn it.
  7. I decided not to watch Bachelor in Paradise after tuning into a few episodes.  These peeps are cray-cray and I just can't get into it.  Oh, and I think that Joe, who I loved from Kaitlyn's season, is a total douchebag!  However, I will be glued into The Bachelor when it comes back on---bring on Ben H although I think I would totally watch it if Nick were the chosen one.
  8. I went by Dunkin' Donuts today when I got into CT yesterday because I couldn't find my beloved Starbuck's.  I ordered a Vanilla Iced Coffee which was horrible AND they ran out of bottled water.  How does that happen?  That was your chance DD! 
  9. I really want to get extensions so that I can have long flowing hair.  And I want extensions because I don't have the patience to let my real hair grow to that level.  Any of you girls out there have extensions?
  10. I am totally ignorant about all the politic rumblings going on right now with the presidential run.  I actually feel ashamed by this because I know how important it is to be "in the know" when it comes to the running of our nation.  With that being said, all I'm seeing is a political circus that has me totally uninterested.  Anyone else feel the same way? 
Well girls, that's all I have for today!  Again, a whole bunch of nothing.  We all have these blogging moments, right?