Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking Out Loud Thursday...Weekend Recap

Hi Girls-

Happy Thursday!  I hope that you have all had a super fab week.  I finally got back to NC after a few delays last night in NY.  I love to travel but plane delays are super annoying.  I suppose that's just part of life.  Anywhoodle, I am linking up with a couple of my fave gals, Vanessa and Penny for some Thinking Out Loud Thursday.  Y'all, this is such a fun link up and you can talk about anything and everything so head on over and take a look at these girls blogs and all the other fantastic bloggers that link up as well. 

OK, so I know that I had promised yesterday that I was going to be sharing about taking a break from dating...but the post is not exactly what I want it to be yet so I'm postponing it until next week.  With that being said, now that I'm home, I decided to do my weekend recap that I wasn't able to do on Monday because I had forgotten my memory card.  So, four days later, here is my recap.

This was my last weekend with Abbey so she and I had some fun stuff planned.  Abbey told me that she had always wanted to feed a giraffe and I couldn't think of anywhere else that could fulfill this dream for her.  So Friday afternoon I played hooky from work and she and I hit up Lazy 5 Ranch.  This is such a fun place to visit if you are local to the Charlotte area.  You have an option to explore the ranch on an open wagon ride or you can drive your own car through.  We elected to do the car ride because we thought that it would give us much more freedom even though I was certain that my car was going to need a thorough cleaning afterwards.  We had such an amazing time feeding zebras, giraffe, deer, llamas, oxen and so much more.  I will definitely be going back...maybe this time with kids. 

The brochure tells you not to feed the giraffe because they bite....obviously we aren't very good rule followers.  But this also wasn't the first time that this giraffe had eaten from a bucket either.

This little baby deer was so sweet and let me pet it.  He was by himself and I seriously wanted to just pick him up and put him in my Jeep to take him home.

These oxen were huge and got a little aggressive when I was trying to pull the bucket back in the car.  I didn't get scared until a second one came over and was trying to force its way into my window. very cool.

After the ranch, Abbey and I strolled over to downtown Mooresville and had ice cream, walked down Main Street and visited some antique shops. 

Saturday morning, we actually had very little to do so we decided to take it outside and I cleaned out my disgusting garage and Abbey washed her car to get ready for her trip back home.  Abbey and I had Japanese for our last dinner together and reminisced about all the fun times we've had over the last couple of months.  I'm so going to miss this girl.

Typical Abbey pose...
Sunday morning was a bit tough for me as I knew this was my last day with my wonderful girl.  I actually got up early and sat outside her bathroom chatting while she got ready for church.  The service that day was declared "Abbey Day" although no one really knew that because Abbey is very humble and would have died if the pastor said that out loud.  Abbey led all of our worship during the service and did amaze-balls.  I am so moved by her love for the Lord and how she is able to express it through song. 
After a quick lunch, Abbey and her family were back on their way to VA while I came home and napped and ate ice cream to try to avoid the inevitable that she was no longer there.  Y'all know I'm a comfort eater ;) 

OK y'all, that is my weekend recap...a few days late.  Lots of great memories!  Come back tomorrow where I'm sharing my Friday Favorites of the week.