Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hey Girls-

Happy Thursday Y'all!!!  The week is almost over--whoopee!!!  I am so excited for this weekend and traveling with one of my BFF's to see our main squeegee Sam Hunt.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share during my weekend recap on Monday. 

Before I get into today's post, I want to thank all of you ladies who commented on my post yesterday and those of you who sent me private messages and texts.  You gals are the best.  I know what I am doing is the right thing but having you as support makes it even better.  Thank y'all so much!

I'm linking up with the amazing Vanessa and Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday and sharing what's 'Currently' going on in my life.  You should totally link up!

Well, let's get into's what is Currently... going on in my life...
  • Reading...the new Paula Deen cook book 'Paula Deen Cuts the Fat'.  Y'all, I love Ms. Paula and I was certain she should have been my M-I-L but alas, her son Bobby went off and married some beautiful gal who seems absolutely perfect for him.  Anywhoodle, after Paula learned she was diabetic, she transformed her entire eating lifestyle and lost the lbs.  Her cookbook is fab y'all and I can't wait to try out some of her yummy dishes in it. 
  • Watching....Below Deck & My Big, Fat Fabulous Life.  'Below Deck' comes on Bravo so you know it is chock full of drama and cute people.  I have to get away from these types of shows but Bravo, you sure know how to suck me in.  I love it.  'My Big, Fat Fabulous Life' comes on TLC.  I'm going to save my thoughts on this for another post that I have planned.  I'm not sure how I feel about this show but y'all, I love this girl Whitney and I do think she is fab!  But I can't wait until 'Scandal' comes back on y'all---I will be glued to the TV this Fall along with my Blogger BFF Megan who I have the best time sending funny memes and text back and forth during the commercial breaks.
  • exercise at least 3 times a week.  But I've been doing horrible with this.  Since being sick, my body seems to be rejecting any type of cardio.  I purchased a 3 day juice cleanse that is currently in my freezer--any of y'all done one of these before?  Also, I'm looking to purchase a new elliptical--anybody have one that they rave about?
  • Cooking...not much of anything.  I've been eating soup like it's been going out of style.  I did do Hello Fresh meals last week and had a delicious steak salad.  I'm on hold with them for the next two weeks because I didn't like what was on the menu. 
  • Eating...Applesauce.  OK, so yes, I am a 4 year old trapped in a 37 year old body.  Soup and applesauce have been my main staple for the past 2 weeks.  I have been craving applesauce.  I need to make a batch since we are in apple season but I've been eating the kind in the individual servings containers:  strawberry applesauce, mango applesauce, cinnamon applesauce.  I just can't seem to get enough of it.
  • Drinking...Hydrocodone syrup ;)  OK, I'm not exactly drinking this but because of the meds I've been on, including this yummy creation which has allowed me to sleep like a baby, I've not been able to partake in my usual glass of wine, beer or cocktail.  Water has been my main staple. 
  • Pinning...Anything that has to do with Fall and pumpkins!
  • Going...out of town this weekend with my girlfriend to see Sam Hunt.  Then my travel picks up again.  Off to Chicago for a day end of next week, CT the beginning of the following, WI soon after.  No complaints, I really do love my job!
  • Loving...all the Fall decor in my house and all the new Pumpkin flavored stuff that is showing up in shops & restaurants.  This is my time of year y'all and I am relishing in all of it!
  • hot it still is in NC!  My house décor tells me it should be 74 degrees and that I can turn on the fireplace at night.  Step outside and it is 96 and that sweater turns into a bathing suit.  I know it is not technically Fall yet but Mother Nature, please have mercy on us!  And yes, I will be one of those people that once the super cold weather arrives in NC around January that complains and is touting, "Bring On Spring".  Hey, at least I admit it!
  • Discovering...that the new Yoplait Greek Whips 100 could possibly be one of the best things that I've ever put in my mouth.  I am obsessed with it!
  • Thinking...that I still want to go a little darker for my hair this Fall.  I had it done last night but think that I want to change it up a little bit more.  I'll post pics once I decide on what to do for opinions.
  • Thanking...the Lord for my amazing sister.  I don't thank her nearly enough for all the things that she does for me but y'all, she is my rock.  She's the person that I can talk to without saying anything, the person that supports me through every decision I have ever made, she's the most selfless person I know and she's my sister.  I love you Steph!
  • Feeling...pretty excited that my Life Group starts back next Saturday.  We have a whole bunch of new ladies that have signed up that I can't wait to meet and fellowship with.  This year I will be a co-leader which is bringing on a whole host of new feelings including excitement and anxiety.  More on this later.
  • Smelling...Bath & Body Works Fall scented wall flowers & candles.  I am officially obsessed with all of them and my house smells like I've been baking all day. 
  • Considering...what new planner to purchase for 2016.  I have a Whitney English planner now but think I need something different for this coming year.  I've looked into Erin Condren and some other.  Suggestions anyone?
  • Finishing...this cup of coffee in my hand and moving onto another. 
 OK gals, that's all I have for today.  I hope you have a super terrific Thursday and come back tomorrow where I'll be sharing my favorites of the week.