Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Let's Talk Tuesday...Ten Thoughts on What I Love About Fall the Most

Hey Girls-

Happy Tuesday!  Or what I am hoping does not feel like a Monday seeing as how I didn't work yesterday.  Yeah to 4 day work weeks---I'm thinking it should be this way every week.  Who's with me?!? 

So, based on yesterday's blog and the most recent pics I've been posting on IG, y'all know that I am so ready for this year's Fall season.  I love Fall y'all!  It seriously is one of my most favorite seasons ever.  With that being said, here are my 'Ten Thoughts on What I Love Most' about the season that is upon us.  Yippee!!!!

  1. Cooler weather and no mosquitos which means I can sit outside in weather that won't melt my face off or create boob sweat and also where I'm not feeling like I am giving blood to half the bugs in NC.  Plus I never need an excuse to light up the fire pit.
  2. Leggings...need I say more?  OK, well I will.  I love leggings but this girl also knows that they aren't pants so my booty will always covered with a long sweater or cardi, etc. 
  3. Speaking of leggings, that means my legs will be covered which means...you guessed it...NO SHAVE SeptOctNovDecember :)  OK, so this isn't totally true BUT all joking aside, I do tend to slack off quite a bit with the shaving regimen because let's face it, it's tough being a girl and I hate shaving.  And to be completely honest, I will shave...once I feel the prickly hair coming through the leggings ;)
  4. Pumpkin flavored everything!!!!  I love it all...sweet, spicy, savory--you name it, if it is pumpkin flavored I am probably going to like it.  I've been pinning Fall décor and recipes like crazy time on Pinterest.  You can find me @jennifermo if you want to see what I've been up to.
  5. Starbuck's Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  OK, so technically this should fall under #4 but y'all, it's a PSL and should always have its' own category.  So here's the deal, because I travel a lot, I have the luxury of using the company credit card to finance most of my Starbuck's purchases.  However, on the off weeks when I am not traveling, making a daily trip to Starbuck's can get expensive.  So here's what I do at the beginning of the Fall season, which is my favorite because of said PSL (although the summertime Peach Green Tea Lemonade is giving it a run for the money, thanks Kimm for that).  Sorry, got off on a tangent...here's what I do.  I purchase myself a $100 Starbuck's gift card and this is what I use for the season.  Once it's gone, it's gone.
  6. 'Hocus Pocus'.  This is one of my most favorite movies ever!!!  I saw this on FB yesterday and I'm pretty certain that not only will I DVR the first time it airs but that most likely I will watch it every single time it comes on TV as well. 
  7. Bath & Body Works.  I touched on this yesterday but Fall & Winter are my favorite times of year when it comes to Bath & Body works---my absolute favorite I tell ya!  I picked up some Wallflowers this past week but there was a big sale on their 3 wick candles for $12 in store over the Labor Day weekend and I just picked up a couple.  Seriously I only picked up a couple because I know that they will be having a big blowout sale soon when the candles will be $8 and I'll have a coupon too.

  8.  All the Fall colors---I love when the leaves change into beautiful bright colors..almost like it's Mother Nature's send off.  I also love Fall flowers, especially Mums.
  9. It's boot season y'all!  Boots are my shoe staple in the Fall.  I wear them with dresses, with leggings, with jeans. whatever---I love them.   
  10. This is the official start to what I call 'hibernation season'!  I love this time of year and all the yummy soups, stews, banana breads, pumpkin breads, crisp off the tree apples (that can easily be turned into caramel apple or apple cider doughnuts), hot tea, mulled cider, etc.  And y'all, let's be honest, this body won't see a bathing suit until May of '16. 
OK gals, that's all I have for today!  Tomorrow I will finally be sharing with you girls what's been going on with my recent dating situation.  Y'all have a great Tuesday!