Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap: Missouri, Music & Muscles

Hey Girls-

Happy Monday Y'all!  Yes, I know it is super late that I am posting this but it has definitely been on of those days.  But hey, that's alright because I am still coming off my high from a super fab girl weekend to Missouri.  I had so much fun and if you follow me on IG (nc30grits) you got a glimpse of some of the things that my friend Pam and I got into. 

Our weekend started out on two different planes but in the same city.  See y'all, Pam are I are both professional gals who travel which means we both have fave airlines--mine is USAir (American) and hers is Delta.  I left early afternoon and she left a few hours later.  After taking an Uber ride to the hotel, I was able to catch a couple of ZZZ's before Pam got in around 10 and we got a late dinner.  Kansas City is a great place and although I have a customer there I haven't spent a lot of time just hanging out.  When I go back for work, I will definitely put some extra time on the trip because I had so much fun. 
This is what I sent to Pam before I took off---my excited face! Please excuse the boobie cleavage ;)
OK back to dinner...we had a very interesting waiter.  Interesting in the sense that I'm not quite sure if he had been drinking prior to coming in to work or had smoked a giant doobie moments before he came to our table but dude was funny.  I was having a hard time deciding between two things on the menu and asked for his suggestion between either a chicken wrap or sliders.  His reply, "Well, my lady friend had the sliders last night and she really loved them."  Me, with a bewildered look on my face rather sarcastically said "Lady Friend?!?"  He, now obviously embarrassed said, "Well, I'm not sure what to call her."  Do y'all find that as odd as I do?  I have a different thought when I hear the word lady friend.  Anywhoodle, after deciding to go with his Lady Friend's suggestion, I did order the sliders and they were just ok.  Note to self...don't take suggestions from the high waiter again.  Lots of girl talk ensued over beer and Malbec and these two gals were exhausted and ready to settle was about 1:30am by that time.  We are party animals--lol!

We had about a 2 hour drive to where we were staying in Columbia and the concert wasn't starting until later that night so we weren't in any rush to get anywhere on Saturday morning.  After sleeping in, we got up and settled on Eggtc. for brunch which I highly suggest to anyone visiting the area.  Pam had a Bloody Mary and Salmon Eggs Benedict and I had a blood orange mimosa with a classic breakfast.  Delish!

After asking our super cool waitress where we should visit in KC and getting her suggestions, we unanimously decided that Donna's Dress Shop would be our first stop.  This place was amazingly cute. 
You may have to enlarge this but this dress is called the 'Steel Magnolia' dress.  Truth be told if it hadn't been $174 I totally would have purchased it...even though it wasn't my size ;)

Move over Kate Middleton.  I had always wondered how they kept these hats on and it's a headband sewn into the hat.  Pretty cool!

This is actually Donna, the owner of the shop!  Don't you just love it?!?

After walking around a bit and perusing a few shops, we had to stop in for some shaved ice.  Yummo!
I love bookstores---like seriously love them and the older the better.  We spent about an hour walking around Prospero's Books. 

Belle ain't got nothing on me.  I've always wanted to stand and climb on one of this.  This one rolled too so I went up and down this aisle a few times. 

OK, after all of our eating and shopping, we decided to get on the road to make our 2 hour trek to Columbia.  Only other stop we made was to the Boot Barn where we salivated all over the pretty boots and than a quick stop into Target for a small purse and some much needed Starbuck's.  We arrived at the hotel with just enough time to shower up and get ready for our night out with Sam Hunt. 

OK, so I don't think I really got into this but going into this night Pam and I didn't know exactly what to expect concert wise.  She had gotten the tickets from one of her customers and it was an event near their corporate headquarters.  Our expectations were far exceeded when we realized how small the venue was and just how close we were going to actually be able to get to the hottie himself, Sam Hunt.
This is actually where the concert was held.  More on that down below.

Beer Tent--yes please!

Mechanical bull---and no I didn't have enough beer to make the decision to get up on that thing.  Plus I was wearing a dress!
OK, so when we got there, the venue is what we saw first.  Best way I can describe it is by saying it was a little bigger than a barn and was open on 3 sides.  And in terms of seeing someone in concert--it was small--and soooo awesome!  Old Dominion was playing when we got there who I didn't know much about prior to but definitely downloaded some of their music after.  They got done about 8:45 and Sam wasn't coming on until 9:30 but Pam and I shimmied our way to the stage and were about 5 feet away.  I have never been that close before. 
This was the first pic I posted on IG.  This is where we were and where the microphone was.  Y'all, we were giddy!!!
Concert started and all I can say was amaze-balls!!!!  It was so much fun and Sam Hunt is so, so hot!  If you are into country music and not familiar with him, you must go check him out and if you aren't into country music you should check him out anyway because he is just sooo pretty!  I took about 200 pictures and 10 videos but I'm not going to make y'all view them all...these are some of my favorite.  And y'all, this boy has some beautiful arms---oh Mylanta...I'm not lying, I was seriously questioning my 'Man Fast' watching him.  LOL!

Before I get to the last set of pics, let me preface it by saying this, my girlfriend Pam is a HUGE Sam Hunt BIG TIME.  Like quite possibly, his #1 fan.  She knows all the words to every single song he sings, knows the town he grew up in, knows his background and has been to about 6 of his concerts with a couple more planned this year.  She's a super fan...or a super stalker--whatever you want to call it!  You know I love you girl!  OK, so although her dreams of being pulled up on stage to sing a song and then ride off in the sunset didn't occur, two things did.  She had made a sign with the name of one of his original songs that only true Sam Hunt fans would actually know.  When she held up that sign, he actually acknowledged it, pointed at her and smiled.  If that wasn't enough to make her weak in the knees, than this happened.  So, the only song I wanted to make sure I recorded the whole thing is my most favorite Sam Hunt songs, 'Take Your Time'.  I love this song!  And I am so glad I recorded it because this, my friend, is when my girl Pam's night was made.  Pam had brought a CD with her in the hopes that she would get him to sign it.  I'll admit that I was pretty apprehensive because, well, this is a concert and what are the chances?!?  At one point in the song, Sam was at the end of the stage and Pam held her hand out with the CD and pen.  Sam Hunt looked at her and then mouthed "I can't reach you" to which the crowd goes wild.  Y'all, it's all on video.  Anyway, he ends up coming back, reaching for the CD, holds it in his hand while singing, signs it and gives it back.  Unfortunately, some big Shrek guy took it first which almost caused these Southern gals to become unladylike.  Again, it's all on the video.  Y'all can check it out here.  The part where he mouths to her is at about 1:43 but than you have to watch it to the very end.  You'll get a good giggle.  Anyway, here's a still shot of all of it with Pam and her signed CD in hand.  To say she was excited is an understatement--that girl was jacked up on Sam and I'm certain that we watched the video a dozen times before we got back to the hotel.
 Y'all, it was a fantastic night!  And it was even better once I was able to take off these boots after standing on them for about 3 hours straight. 
Our ride back to KC was fun reminiscing on the night before, listening to some new artists, Tyler Rich & Ryan Robinette and cheesing for some photos.  But real quick...these fellas had liked a few of my Sam Hunt photos from the night before and y'all, you have to check them out on iTunes.  First of all, Hello Hottie McHottiestein but y'all, they can actually sing :)  I'm throwing up their pictures for some extra eye candy for Monday night.  You're welcome. 

Alright y'all, that's all I have for this recap.  What a fun girls trip!!!  I can't wait for the next one!!!