Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday Favorites...

Hey Girls-

Happy Friday Y'all!  Short weeks are the best weeks seeing as how I've only worked 3 days this week.  But I'm glad it's the weekend--yippee!!!!

I'm excited to be linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for some of my favorites from this past week.
So let's get right into it...

So now that I have my record player, I have been on an all out quest searching for new "used" records.  I was told that Goodwill had a great selection (sometimes, if you catch it at the right moment) so I checked it out on Monday after my massage.  And what do you know, I found this oldie but goodie.  You're singing it now, right?  I scored this along with a Bee Gees album and the Oklahoma & Funny Girl musical album.  Mind you, I had to search through umpteen Christmas records and Jimmy Swaggart albums in the process but I think it was worth it--and all for only $2.61.
My friend Pam and I visited a record store on my birthday and I picked up a John Cougar Mellancamp, the Beatles, the Carpenters and a few others.  I was pretty psyched to get home and listen to them.  
To keep with the music theme, this is going to be my new record player & record holder.  I ordered it from Target (oh, how I love thee) on Wednesday and it is scheduled for delivery on Friday.  I have 3 other pieces in this same teal family in my house so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this beauty that would serve the perfect purpose for my new music/front room (that never gets used).  Pics to follow once it all gets put together. Plus it was on sale and had free shipping!  Happy Birthday to me!
I mentioned this on Wednesday when I talked about my Birthday presents but y'all, I am so excited about this one.  It's called the "Sholdit".  Have you heard of this?  It's amazing!!!  Is it a scarf, a satchel, a handbag--why it's all 3!  I feel like an infomercial.  But for reals, I am pretty thrilled about this new accessory of mine. 

I am an Instagram junkie.  I love all the funny quotes and follow some of the most random pages.  My girlfriends and I spent a lot of time during the day tagging one another or sending direct messages if they are a little more racy.  I saw this earlier in the week and this couldn't be more me.  I know I'm not the only one that can relate to this, right? 
I've been trying to get my Winter hibernation body ready for the upcoming season of bathing suits, shorts and tank tops.  This is kind of how I'm feeling. 
But with that being said, I've started a not quite Atkins program but a super high protein, very low carb, no starch plan over a month ago.  I'm down about 15 pounds and honestly, I haven't had that many starchy cravings.  I'm trying to switch up my lunch and dinners to not just include turkey slices and stick cheese.  The last 3 nights I've made this.  And it's delicious.  It's a Perdue Perfect Portions Chicken breast, 1/2 cup peppers and 1/2 onions, 1 tbsp. honey mustard and a 1/4 cup of 2% cheese.  Literally, my mouth is watering as I type this. 
Alright gals, those are my Friday Favorites, what are yours for the week?  Come back Monday where I start to dive into a little of what I've been doing with my life over the past 6 months.
Have a great weekend!