Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oh Nashville, I {heart} You!

Hey Girls!

Happy Tuesday (or any day other than Monday)!  Yesterday was crazy busy-I was so looking forward to having lunch with two of my gal pals but had last minute conference calls scheduled at 11 and 1.  Really?!?  Don't they understand I have other priorities?!?  Just kidding, I really do love my job but I love my girlfriends too. 

Before I get into my post of the day, I have to share the funniness (is that a word?) that ensued yesterday.  If you've been reading here for any amount of time (or if you follow me on IG @nc30grits because I post a million photos of them), you know about my girls.  I have two toy poodles, Simone and Serena, that are getting ready to turn 14.  They are my world--- I can't even stand how much I adore them.  Also, I don't have children so they are my four legged babies.  Anywhoodle, yesterday, I had a new mobile groomer that I had heard wonderful things about from some friends.  I am very particular who I have groom my girls but the recommendations came from some fur baby mommas who are even crazier than I am.  And let me just tell y'all, she was fabulous!!!!  Like over the moon fabulous.  She was a bit pricier than my last mobile groomer but so well worth it.  So, after she was done with both of them I wanted to take pictures of them together--one of course so I could post about it but two so I could give her a review on FB (she's a newer business here).  And if you've ever tried to take a styled photo of one dog you know it can be a challenge...now throw in another one that you are trying to get to look your way and you have a whole new set of obstacles.  But I literally took one of the best photos EVER of one of my girls.  Here are some of the outtakes followed by the picture that I'm certain should go viral with all types of crazy meme additions. 

I need some really good captions for this.  Suggestions?
OK, moving on from poodles to the subject of the day---NASHVILLE!  I was so bummed to hear this show got cancelled.  I'm really hoping that maybe it gets picked up by another network.  But if not, it was still one of my faves, even if I really only got into it this year.  Before I go any further, I am making a disclaimer--there are going to be LOTS of pictures in this post.  Just wanted to give y'all fair warning.  :) 

So, two of my most favorite gal pals ever, Pam & Jessica, and I were discussing having a girls trip.  Pam is a lover of everything Nashville-the food, the city, the music and the men.  Jessica also gushed over it a million times over so it seemed only natural that we make this our place to visit.  I've been to Nashville many a times in my adult life but it's always been for work so I was pretty stoked to get to do the city with some of my besties.  Jess navigated out Air bnb for a couple of weeks until she found what ended up being the BESTEST HOUSE EVER.  Like for reals...I'll never be able to stay anywhere in Nashville but here.  It was Ah-Mazing!!!!  Side bar:  Air BnB is fantastic--I'm heading to Charleston this weekend to see Chris Stapleton and we got a condo waterfront in Folly Beach.  I'm so excited. 

OK, back to talking about Nashville.  I was in Las Vegas for a show and my girls live in Charlotte so we just planned to meet in Nashville early Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately, American doesn't offer direct flights to Nashville so I had to fly through Dallas with a bit of a layover.  This wouldn't be a big deal but this girl had to get up at 2:30am to be at the airport and catch her super early flight.

No complaining though because I got some much needed sleep on the plane and in the airport (after taking these super important selfies) and remembered that I was going to hang out in one of the best cities ever!
Anyway, there was no way I couldn't have known where I was going when this cowboy saddled up right next to me on the flight?  He was part of the rodeo circuit and has been a bull rider for as long as he could remember.

The girls and I found one another at the airport and after a quick coffee pick me up, we were shuttled (like literally shuttled on a golf cart) by a sweet young fella who drove us to the rental car lot.  And we were off!  Not really knowing what to expect from our Air bnb house, we pulled up and it was like the heavens opened up!  It was perfectly idyllic in the cute artsy neighborhood of Edgehill.  It was also about a 100 yards from Vanderbilt University, which has a beautiful campus.  Doesn't it just look so charming?

The house is owned by Trent Dabbs and his beautiful wife Kristen.  They own a record label and management company in Nashville and this home is their office and recording studio.  Trent produced music for the show Nashville.  He is amazing!  You must look up his music. 

And here's a glimpse of the inside...
This is where my love for vinyl was reinvigorated!

My bedroom for the weekend--there were two other bedrooms but I forgot to take a picture of them.

Front sitting room

This is the name of the management company the owners of the house own.  The house is actually their office space and recording studio.

Back living/sitting/tv room

Kitchen with my two girls...

When the girls and I arrived, our first priority was to go to the grocery and liquor store to get supplies.  Trent & Kristen had stocked the fridge and had snacks in the pantry but we were on a mission.

Ain't that the truth?!?

And our real life version of the above :)  I love my girls!

And this was the spread we put together!  So delish!
After a whole bunch of lounging and snacking and drinking wine, we all got dressed and headed out to dinner.  We had reservations at Etch but they weren't until 9:30.   We totally underestimated how much we had snacked earlier so none of us were hungry enough to eat a full meal so we ordered all the appetizers on the menu. 

However, the main reason we went was for this...butter tasting.  Yes, that's right-an appetizer of just butter.  But they were all flavored differently.  Our favorite was the sub sandwich and the truffle chip.  To die for!!!

We turned in kind of early on Friday night because we knew we had a full day planned on Saturday.  After leisurely waking up and having a few (well, a couple of bottles) of Mimosas, we scoped out some great brunch places but settled on Fido which was right around the corner from our house.  I got up before the other girls and found a ton of photo ops and also discovered that I was a country music star in a former life. 

But back to Fido.  We had the most unbelievable food.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Nashville has some of the best cuisine I have ever had in my entire life--and I travel a lot.

Then we did a little shopping at some of the local boutiques and bookstores that were all in the same area as the restaurant and took a drive down to Franklin to see the sights there too, which by the way is a beautiful little town that I would love to have spent more time in.  Next time for sure!

The girls and I were exhausted so we headed back for a little nap time and relaxation--which ended up being watching episodes of Nashville listening to songs during the show written by the guy whose house we were staying in.  Cool!  Oh, and playing scrabble on their massive board that I now must have!

This was our theme for the weekend!  And it was perfectly perfect!

We were ready and hungry for dinner on Saturday night at Urban Grub which had come highly recommended.  Again, yes I know with the food but this place was hella good--oysters, trout, crab claws, shrimp & grits and vanilla bean donuts AND drinks served in beakers.  Heck yeah--going back old school science class!  We also had a super rad waitress who couldn't have been a more perfect pair for our trio unless she had been having dinner with us instead.

Yes, that is candied bacon on there!

So after another amazing dinner and too many cocktails to count, the girls and I Uber'd it back to our homestead to continue our night of fun.  The next series of pictures pretty much sums up our night.  Have I mentioned how much I love my friends?

The girls and I woke up on Sunday morning a tad bit hungover and for the first time all weekend, none of us were wanting food of any sort.  Other than tums to soothe our bellies.  We're too old for this-lol!  But we all didn't have flights until later in the afternoon so back out for a little more sight seeing which led us to the Parthenon.  Did y'all know there was a full scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville?  Well there is and here's a picture of us in front of it.

Well girls, there you have it!  That's my trip to Nashville.  We had such a super fun time and are already planning our next trip.  It was the bestest ever with the greatest gals ever!


If you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there!  Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reminiscing!  Come back tomorrow where I'm sharing my New Year's Eve trip to Charleston and bringing in 2016 with some of the cast from Southern Charm.