Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tell Me It Ain't So...

Hi Girls-

Happy New Year!  Yes, girls, I am well aware we are past the champagne toasts and funny hats and counting down to 2016.  I am well aware that many of the resolutions I put into place for 2016 have already fallen short.  And while I'm at it, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Spring and whatever else I've missed.  Oh, and  I am also painfully aware that it is already May 11th and I am doing my first blog post of the year and also since November 30th where I also acknowledged the fact that I suck at blogging but y'all, it is what it is. 

I had such high hopes to start the year out strong and yet again, I failed.  My motivation just hasn't been there and work has been so busy that it has taken precedence over other areas in my life (blogging if you haven't caught on) and my down time has been spent having fun with friends, traveling or just being lazy vs. deciding what my next blog post was going to be. 

I've received such sweet messages from a ton of you gals just making sure I was alright and I've really missed getting on here and just typing away whatever is going on in my life.  As a matter of fact, I typed a lot of this in February when I had full intentions on starting my blog back up.  But that goal fell short and then I realized there was just so much stuff to get caught up on.  So...I decided to start fresh and fill in some of those fun, crazy tidbits later on.

Well, let's get down to it.  Here's what I've been up to over the last week--which is much easier than the last 6 months (if you follow me on IG @ nc30grits, at least you kind of know what I've been doing, right?) 

So, yesterday was my birthday!!!  Yeah for making it another year and not quite hitting 40 yet--2 years to go gals and I am going to relish the next couple in my 30's.  Y'all, I am so abundantly blessed!!!  Like for reals!  I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by their tribe and mine is the absolute best---some are part of my old tribe, some are newer members but they all love me so much that my heart feels like it will burst because of all the support they give me.  I'm actually going to be blogging (soon) about the evolution of friendships---which I think we all go through. 

OK, back to talking about me--hehehe!  Fortunately or unfortunately, my computer had to be sent back to my corporate office on Thursday of last week for some repairs.  Oh the sadness that I couldn't do a whole lot of work on Friday which meant that I could start my vacay a day early.  So I just piddled around and ran some errands and watched a couple of movies and cleaned my house for my upcoming LifeGroup meeting with my church gals on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning went off without a hitch and I started getting excited about meeting up with all my favorite people in the whole world for dinner and then dessert back at my house to celebrate well, none other than yours truly. 

Here's a few photos from the weekend!

Jane got a bath on Friday and was able to don her new accessory sticker.  Every girl needs bows and monograms--am I right?
 Best present ever came from my sister and BIL!  I've been on a vinyl kick ever since I got back from Nashville (yes, I know y'all know nothing about this trip because I haven't blogged in 6 months but just you wait, it was fantastic!)  Anywhoodle, back to my vinyl kick--I've developed a love for everything vinyl but hadn't yet decided on what record player I wanted.  Well I didn't have to decide because my sister got me one so after dinner and dessert with the tribe, we sat around and listened to records and after everyone left, my BFF Pam and I sat around for a few more hours, kicked back and danced the night away.

My peeps know me well--wine, Converse, Uber shot glasses, a "Sholdit"--you have to look this up because it's awesome, kind of like a 2016 version of a fanny pack except way cooler, a new purse, jewelry and Starbucks.  Hells to the yeah!
I had to post a pic of my cards as I'm known by many names to so many---Jenny, Jen, Jenn, Jennifer, and Just Jen

I declared 2016 as the "Year of the Champagne" and this new fridge magnet is now my mantra.

And these are some of the collages and pics from faves had posted for me on IG & FB.  Again, #mycuprunnethover!   


So, my gal pal Lizzy and I decided that we wanted to do more outdoorsy stuff this Summer, so we gifted ourselves season passes to the US Whitewater Center.  If you are local to Charlotte, or even NC, and haven't tried this place out, you must.  So much fun stuff to do--rafting, ropes courses, zip lines, stand up paddle, kayaking, hiking, biking or just lounging.  We went on Sunday to do a little exploration and get our cardio in by Stand Up Paddling--which is now my most favorite thing to do. 

Needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend being loved on by some many of my favorite people!  Happy Birthday to me!!!

I took Monday and Tuesday off for some additional R&R and after a much needed massage and facial I started my birthday out with getting my teeth whitened at my dentist office.  Outside of a teeny bit of sensitivity on my bottom teeth (ok, let's be real, I thought my teeth were going to fall out of my mouth when cold air hit them) everything went A-OK and I am happy to report I have no issues today and my teeth are 4 shades whiter.  So with that said, I will leave you with these lovely pictures :) 


Have a great Wednesday y'all!!!