Thursday, January 19, 2017

An A to Z guide on How to Be A Good Friend

Hi Girls-

I consider myself to be a pretty fabulous friends (pats self on back).  But I also have the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for and want.  They are loving, loyal, funny, smart and I have to mention gorgeous y'all!  I seriously have the prettiest friends EVER!

In trying to get back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging I did a lot of research on fun topics to blog about.  I have over 75 new topics currently in my drafts (that should definitely keep me busy) but I wanted them to be about things that interested me and ultimately just to write what I know.  I don't want to try to fit myself into a little box and be like other bloggers, because y'all are way cooler than I am and have so much more interesting things to write about :) 

Being a good friend is something I know a lot about.  I pride myself on the circles of lady friends that are the heartbeat of my life.  I value every quality about them all and try to learn something new or unearth something about them during every encounter I have with them. 

So, with that, I decided to put together (and stole some ideas from Michael Josephson that I found online) an A to Z guide on 'How To Be A Good Friend'. 

A-Always be honest with one another.  Even if it hurts.  It's much better in the long run.  I promise. 
B-Believes in you.
C-Celebrates your successes.
D-Defends you.  I will punch someone in the throat if you think you can get away with talking about any of my friends in front of me.
E-Encourages you. 
F-Forgives you no matter what.
G-Gives you what you need.  I know my friends love languages and they know mine.  I use this in times of comfort or happiness and anything in between.
H-Has patience with you.  This is a hard one as patience is not one of my better virtues.  I sometimes glaze over when it's a subject that's not as important to me comes up (ie football) but fortunately I have friends that call me out on this and get me focused again.
I-Inspires you.  I am so fortunate to have the most amazing, inspirational lady friends.  They all have their own special qualities and make me want to be better. 
J-Judges you rarely...but when they do it's fairly.  You never want your friends to judge you but sometimes they need to call you out on your SH*T.  But when they do, it's always from the heart. 
K-Know when to be quiet and just listen. 
L-Loves you no matter what.  We're not perfect.  We're going to do stupid things and make decisions that not everyone agrees with but the most important thing is that you know you will be loved. 
M-Make time for each other.  This can be difficult for some because of husbands, kids, work, etc. But this is super important in maintaining friendships.  This doesn't mean you have to have a night together every week/weekend end.  But if you haven't seen each other face to face for months and months and you live in the same city or if you haven't even talked to one another, are you really that close?
N-Never tells your secrets.  I always say I can never get rid of any of my inner circle friends because they all know too much. I'm going to the grave with my stuff!
O-Ooze love.  OK, this was a stretch but I couldn't think of a word to go here.  But 'oozing love' sounds exactly like something I would say.  My friends know that I love them.  I tell them ALL the time.  They probably get tired of it sometimes (which doesn't really bother me) because they will never doubt where they stand with me. 
P-Pushes you to be your best you. 
Q-Quells your fears.    
R-Restores your confidence love, relationships, life in general.  We all have our "woe is me" moments but being a good friend is all about boosting your besties confidence when they are down.
S-Shares all your emotions:  joy, grief, pain, love and hugs you after. 
T-Tell them that you love them.  Pretty simple.  We all need to be told this.  My tribe and I always say 'I love you' when we get off the phone with one another.  There's just something so "Sisterhood of Traveling Pants" about this that I adore and am so glad we do this. 
U-Understands that you aren't perfect but loves you anyway. 
V-Values you for who you are. 
W-Wants the best for you.  I only want the best for my friends and I will do whatever I can to make sure they achieve this. 
X-Xpects the best from you. (ok, not exactly starts with X but let's be real, there aren't any words for this so just go with it).
Y-Yanks you back to reality.  Sometimes I'm so high in the clouds that I can't see.  Sometimes I'm too self involved.  Being a good friend is sometimes reminding a friend that she's not living in the real world.
Z-Zeroes in on what's wrong.  How true is this?  I pride myself on knowing what's wrong with my friends before they even tell me.  It could be a facial expression, a vague text, whatever but I think being a good friend allows you to identify what's wrong---sometimes without even words.

I couldn't write this blog without sharing some of my favorite pics of my tribe (and one tribe husband), my favorite sister (who was my first friend ever) and my other bestest gal pals.  There's a lot y'all so just keep scrolling...because I just couldn't choose.  Again, aren't my peeps freaking gorgeous?!?



Alright y'all, what do you think?  Any other areas that I'm missing?  I hope you are all as blessed as I am to have some an amazing group of friends.  I simply couldn't do life without mine.  They lift me up, make me laugh, love me unconditionally and are all mine (I'm pretty protective of them).